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GTA V – Latest Teaser Pictures

My first memories of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) were playing GTA 1 & 2 on my school laptop when the teachers couldn’t see us in class. Flying through British streets in my Jaguar, gunning down all before me in what can only be described as good childhood fun. GTA3 coming out blew my mind. It was the first open world game I can remember playing on my friend’s new Playstation 2. Words cannot describe the wonder, nor the amount of times we picked up hookers only to slaughter them for our hard spent cash…. ahhh childhood memories. GTA Vice City and San Andreas kept the ball rolling until the fantastic GTA4.

In fact, come to think of it, Rockstar have gone from strength to strength, with a wonderful dose of controversy along the way. In the last few months, rumours and leaks of GTA V have been flying around the internet, but surprisingly have not been that easy to find. The next GTA sees you in the Rockstar version of LA, with a Latino flavour thrown in. So I bring to you, our faithful reader, some of the newest pictures of GTA V to hit the interwebs. Enjoy and I’ll make sure I keep you updated as more news comes out.


The effects on that water are fantastic and the depth created between the near and far ground is very impressive. Obviously there will be more serene relaxing moments to dip your toes in the water. In between all the mass murders and theft of course.


The CHEETA! Can’t wait to fly that thing around corners, sending pedestrians scattering in terror.


 Or if you’re feeling a little more sedate take a nice ride on a bike. Loving that sunset. And I bet you can ride that Ferris Wheel in the distance. Why do anything in real life when you can do it from the comfort of your couch in GTA V?


 It’s not a GTA game without a helicopter. Because driving to your bank heists is for peasants.


Now here’s something a bit different and all together amazingly awesome.We’ve got a jet based off an F22. I wonder if I can listen to the radio in that thing. Sadly I’m thinking not. But if I can launch missiles from it I’m pretty sure I will never need another game ever again.

 Go to to check out some of the more recently released screenshots and the great trailer. This game is a must play for whenever it comes out. The release date is still a mystery.




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