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Choose your character: MrPort

What’s happening guys? Steve here, aka MrPort, just wanting to finally greet you all and let you know a little of what I’m about.

I’ve been gaming for something like 23 years now and I’ve tried all the consoles, all the genres and never said no to anything, no matter how insane it looked at first premise. Now that I’m more seasoned and matured in my gaming (you can laugh at that too; I know I did), I’ve refined my tastes somewhat.

Primarily, I like RPGs, even some of those fiendishly hard JRPGs, the Shin Megami Tensei games come to mind there. Topping my list of preferences are Shooters, first or third person doesn’t worry me either way, my only beef is that I’m very much over the whole one-man wrecking crew shooters. What’s the point of having allies if you don’t ever need them? Survival games would probably cap out my top three. I very much enjoy the atmosphere and tense pressure they constantly put you in, especially when the game is driven by an amazing story –

Segue into a fantasy about Silent Hill

Just before I go back and introduce some more zombies to the business end of my shotgun, I wanted to clarify, I’m easy going and laid-back; don’t let my angry demeanor fool you, it’s just a façade (+1 to fancy words). I’m more than happy to help people out, providing you don’t act like a complete <choose your favourite insult>.

Stay tuned for my upcoming: Darksouls: ‘Things you should know, but never get told.’

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