Everyone Games: Some More PAX Australia Panels

It doesn't matter if you Crush Candies, Construct Pylons or run around in a Cuirass, there are PAX Australia Panels to suit you. All Gamers are welcome.

Chroma Squad Playable At PAX East 2014

There will be plenty of interesting games to see at PAX East 2014 both big and small. I prefer knowing about the smaller ones and Chroma Squad is looking interesting as hell. From Behold Studios, the creators of Knights of Pen and Paper, Chroma Squad is a simulation/strategy game based around an indie Sentai television show. Think the "Power Rangers" along with all of the...

Mike Tyson Returns to the Ring – In WWE 13

Mike Tyson is set to climb back into the ring in THQ's WWE 13, the next installment in the WWE videogame franchise.

Titanfall Beta PC And Xbox One Registration Now Live

The Titanfall Beta registration has been dropped early. Part of signing up to the Titanfall Beta involves subscribing to the Titanfall newsletter at http://www.titanfall.com/beta. Registrations will close on Friday Feb 14th at 4pm PST. Make sure you have your Origin details on hand if you're registering for PC. A much-anticipated title, the Xbox One 'exclusive' has gamers worldwide rather hyped for what Respawn...

Leaked Playstation 4 + PS Vita Bundle

Amazon France may have leaked a little surprise that would happen anyway. The surprise was The PS Vita + Playstation 4 bundle, it's a no-brainer seeing that the PS4 and Vita, which have many features that intertwine with each other. The Playstation 4 supports direct Remote-play integration with the PS Vita; allowing users to play PS4 games like Infamous: Second Son as...

WoW Tokens – Blizzard’s In-Game Exchange of Gold and Game Time

Explained in a blog post today, the trading element "WoW Tokens" will be purchasable with real-world money from the in-game store.

Irrational Games Closing Down, Changing Focus

Yesterday, some unfortunate news came from Ken Levine, the head of Irrational Games, explaining the studio would be shutting down and shifting his focus on new projects. The studio, as we know it, will cease to exist and all, but 15 of its employees will be laid off. However, that doesn't mean these employees will dropped with no help. Each...

DmC: Devil May Cry Demo Available to Download

If my previous Devil May Cry (DmC) article sent goosebumps down your body and rekindled the fire of excitement for some serious demon hunting, then you’re going to love this: a free demo of Capcom's DmC is now available for gamers to download. The demo contains two missions, one containing a normal level play-through, which allows the gamer to familiarise themselves with the controls, sort of like a tutorial....

Far Cry: Primal – Key Features, First Screenshots and a Release Date

Set in the stone age, Far Cry Primal has you take control of Takkar, a seasoned hunter and the last surviving member of his group.

New Adventures In Sanctuary. Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls Set For March Release

 Giving The Fans Something To Cheer About: Blizzard Brings Act V of Diablo 3 to PC, Mac, and PS4 This Year. It seems like good things do indeed come in threes as Blizzard intends to release a major piece of Diablo-related software for the third year in a row. In 2012, Diablo 3 was released for PC and Mac. This...