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Dell Technologies New Concepts For a Seamless Work Experience

Concept Flow, Concept Pari and Concept Stanza, concepts of a seamless future

As part of CES 2022, Dell Technologies has unveiled a range of New Concepts. Concept Flow, Concept Pari and Concept Stanza – visionary strategies for a seamless work experience.

Concept Flow

Concept flows works to eliminate connectivity frustrations by eliminating cables. A solution designed for wireless office setups, with devices able to connect automatically when in use. Users will be able to sit down, open their laptops, and be able to start work.

In a blog post by Glen Robson he goes over the ideas around it. “Hybrid work means that team members will be more mobile than ever and that brings new opportunities’ and considerations for IT managers and facilities teams when thinking about office environments and technology infrastructure” writes Glen Robson.

It aims to reduce downtime when moving between spaces. To solve issues around changing settings, audio queries, and how to get displays working for meetings. Designed to have an intelligent workspace with automatic connectivity for displays, mice, keyboards and the network before you’ve even settled in. Even going so far as to have wireless charging available for laptops once they are placed down.

Concept Pari

Concept Pari aims to extend the connectivity of video conferencing through a wireless and portable webcam. Users would be able to take it off the top of monitors and screens and sit it to any surface whilst in the middle of streaming, all without loss of feed or interruption.

Robson again addresses the Pari in his blog, whilst likening back to an earlier blog post from 2022 about the Future of Work Reimagined.

The biggest face behind Concept Pari is the ability to reduce any barriers to collaboration and communication between team members, ensuring equal experience regardless of where they are working from. With the rise of work from home settings with responses to the pandemic, we’re seeing more and more businesses continue to allow people to work in these circumstances.

In the simplest terms the Concept Pari is a moveable wireless webcam, that can be placed directly on compatible displays, a charging dock, a stand or even just held in the hand. The iteration in the works features a microphone and 1080p video over Wi-Fi. Built in power indicator, a vertical indicator light to help alignment and an integrated USB-C dock for charging. For the worried, you can even cradle and charge a reversed camera for piece of mind.

Concept Stanza

The Concept Stanza is essentially a portable electronic notepad. Designed to streamline ideas and rapidly transfer notes and files between set ups. Users would experience a new method of note taking that blends both handwritten and typed notes as well as a range of ease-of-access features.

A light, thin and port-less 11″ companion device solely designed to ease the note-taking process. No camera, or speakers. The ability to double tap the written notes to change them over to typed text instantly. Screen extension functionality and software features, with the ability to retrieve, search and share your content across multiple devices. Concept Stanza blends digital and analog with transcribing notes as a thought out feature too.

Concept Stanza

Dell Technologies have their eyes straight forward. With the introduction of Concept Luna for the reduction of their carbon footprint moving forward, as well as todays technology concepts for seamless workplace experiences. Dell is making big moves, and it is an exciting time to be alive.



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