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PAX Aus 2023: 10 Year Anniversary

PAX Aus 2023: A Celebration of Gaming

PAX Aus, the annual gaming convention held in Melbourne, Australia, is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2023. The event, which has become a staple for gamers in the region, will take place on October 6-8 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

To mark the occasion, the PAX Aus team has planned a celebration brimming with panels, concerts, tournaments, esports, special guests, meetups, cosplay, and more. There will also be a show floor featuring the best that the Australian gaming community has to offer.

Event Director, Lauren Luciani, said, “PAX is always special, but this year is particularly meaningful as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of this incredible event. Time flies when you’re having fun, and that is certainly true of getting to work on PAX Aus. The whole PAX team is dedicated and passionate about bringing the community a PAX Aus to remember!”

Every year since the beginning, Non-Fiction Gaming has been pounding the pavement (and sometimes boardwalk) of PAX Aus. So when we say it’s an unmissable event, we know what we’re talking about.

Early Bird Tickets Available Now

Early bird tickets for PAX Aus 2023 are available now! Early Bird 3-Day badges will be limited and available for $175, and Early Bird Single Day badges for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be available for $70.

With a decade of PAX Aus-ing, this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever before. The three-day conclusion to Melbourne International Games Week is expected to welcome tens of thousands of gamers to their ultimate celebration.

Whether you’re a Dungeons & Dragons devotee, obsessed with Indies, or addicted to Battle Royale, there is something that will appeal to every gaming enthusiast at PAX Aus.

What to Expect at PAX Aus 2023

PAX Aus 2023 will feature a wide range of events and activities that cater to different gaming interests. Here are some of the highlights to look forward to:


PAX Aus is known for its panels, which cover a diverse range of topics related to gaming. This year’s event will feature panels on game design, esports, streaming, diversity and inclusion, and more.


Music has always been an important part of gaming culture, and PAX Aus 2023 will feature concerts by some of the most talented musicians in the industry. Whether you enjoy rock, pop, or electronic music, there will be something for everyone.

From MC Frontalot to Protomen, the PAX Aus concerts are always a great way to get charged and blow off some steam.


Competitive gaming is a huge part of PAX Aus, and the event will feature a number of tournaments this year. From fighting games to first-person shooters, there will be plenty of opportunities to compete against other players and prove your skills.

If you’re a PAX veteran but haven’t checked out Omegathon yet, it’s well worth following along the story of average gamers being put through all kinds of challenges where only one will be crowned PAX AUS Omegathon champion!


Esports has exploded in popularity in recent years, and PAX Aus 2023 will feature some of the best esports competitions in the region. Whether you’re a fan of League of Legends, Overwatch, or Dota 2, there will be plenty of exciting matches to watch.

Plus, the casters giving the play-by-play help me understand what’s actually even going on.

Special Guests

PAX Aus has always been a great place to meet and interact with some of the biggest names in gaming. This year’s event will feature appearances by some of the most popular streamers, content creators, and developers in the industry.

While I’m none of those things, you’re welcome to stop me and grab a photo anytime!


PAX Aus is a great place to meet like-minded gamers and make new friends. Whether you’re looking for fellow tabletop enthusiasts or want to connect with other fans of your favorite game, there will be plenty of opportunities to socialize and network.

The Tabletop hall is a great place to sit down, rest those weary feet and paint miniatures or test out that new board game you’ve been eyeing off.


Cosplay has become a huge part of gaming culture, and PAX Aus 2023 will feature some of the most impressive and creative costumes you’ve ever seen.

Whether you want to dress up as your favorite character or simply admire the work of others, you won’t want to miss this year’s cosplay showcase.


PAX Aus 2023 promises to be an unforgettable celebration of gaming culture in the region. With a decade of experience under its belt, the event is sure to deliver an amazing experience for gamers of all interests and backgrounds.

Early bird tickets are available now, so be sure to grab yours before they sell out. We’ll see you there!

Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Daniel 'Sheriff Dan' Ryan is a long time Dungeon Master who has worked in Esports, Marketing, and writes about Gaming when the sun goes down.


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