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PAX Aus 2022 Schedule Sneak Peek

Do you rush for a booth to play the latest indie games? Or perhaps you prefer queuing up for Merch. You now have more options as the PAX Aus 2022 schedule has been released so you can start planning around your favourite panel ideas.

As we stare down the barrell of a return to PAX Aus in 2022 we begin to plan our 3 day weekend at the MCEC. Below we take a look at just some of the varied sessions ranging from: insightful talks, freeplay opportunities, tournaments, signings, meetups, community events and so much more.

The Great Debate: Remakes and Reboots are Killing New Ideas

Lenovo Legion presents The Great Debate. From Resident Evil to Final Fantasy and even Pac-Man, popular game franchises and iconic titles are returning to us through enhanced remakes and reboots – but is this a good or bad thing? We bring together two teams of gaming experts, comedians and opinionated trophy hunters to determine the truth – Are reboots and remakes killing new ideas?

Dark Room with John Robertson

Come play the world’s only live-action text adventure – will you A. Find Light Switch? B. Go North? Escape and win $1000. Fail and YA DIE and win crap prizes. Don’t miss this award-winning interactive gaming stand-up from Mr John Robertson.

PWR: Content, Creative and Competitive Gaming

Get ready to ask about the next Creative Map, the next apparel drop, and how to join PWR with Lachlan, Loserfruit, Vindooly, Overstrand, Sync and Jimmah on hand to answer those burning questions.

1 For All Cast and Creator Panel

Join the stars of Deerstalker Pictures’ hit Dungeons and Dragons-inspired fantasy comedy web series ‘1 For All’ for a chat and sneak preview of the upcoming Season 5. Eva Devore, Fall Cosplay, Kendall Drury and Thomas Taufan regale you with tales from behind the scenes, joined by writer and director Elliot Ryan.

Back Pocket Talent Show

Join Back Pocket hosts Nich Richardson, Stephanie Bendixsen, Gus Ronald and Peter Burns for a talent show featuring viewers and random members of the audience that will leave you questioning what you’re going to see, whether they will be talented and who is legally responsible if anything goes wrong.

Whose Voice is it Anyway? Hosted by Guy Cunningham

Two teams of Australia’s leading voice-over talent including Aimee Smith, Edwyn Tiong, Dominique Dinh, Rhiannon Moushall, Thomas Burt, Gemma Laurelle, Guy Cunningham and Douglas Bicker battle each other in a live voice-over game show panel, competing for ultimate glory. 

Beautifully Geeky Conversation with Beauty and the Geek

Have you ever wondered “Where are they now?” after watching Beauty and the Geek? Join BaTG 2021 cast members George Goldfeder, Mitch Berryman, Kiran Rao, Sam Ready, Kiera Johnstone and Leticia Bellanos to talk about their experiences and how Geek culture has influenced their lives for the better.

Queens of Bad Dating Sims

From military tanks to scribbly doodles and even moustachioed fried chicken vendors – in the quest for romance, there’s no such thing as too weird. Hosted by the Queens of the Drone Age, we find out that love is a battlefield and we’re itching for a fight.

How to Pitch Devolver

Devolver has taken on a few Aussie game devs in the last 18 months, including Massive Monster (Cult of the Lamb), Team WIBY (Phantom Abyss) and All Possible Futures (Swords of Ditto and Plucky Squire). Come hear what it takes to join the fold of one of the biggest and most innovative publishers in the gaming world.

Prescribed Respawn; The Gaming Emergency Department

Would your real body stand up to the rigors, trials and torture your player character experiences every time you press start? Let’s find out. Join the doctors of Prescribed Respawn for their fourth year and explore the limits of what being human would really place on your character. This year, questions such as how many weapons you can carry underwater, whether camouflage is really going to beat night vision, what shelf life your potions have and so much more are placed under the stethoscope.

How to Start a Cult: Designing Mechanics Around an Idea

So you’re thinking of starting a cult? We’ve all been there, but don’t worry, we’re here to help guide you in the process of divine inspiration. Follow along with award-winning developers Massive Monster, creators of Cult of the Lamb, as they talk about the process of creating a lovable cult of cute critters. Joined by Paul Kopetko of popular Boomerang Fu, we will discuss what it takes to be the one true cult. Moderated by game developer, Terry Burdak, founder of Paperhouse, he will help us explore how game designers approach creating game mechanics around unique ideas.

Viva La Dirt League Q+A

The Viva La Dirt League crew is live and on stage answering questions for your satisfaction and amusement. Some of the answers might even be true!

Cow Cults and Alien Plants: The Dark Underbelly of The Sims

This panel will explore the deep lore of The Sims, from handheld games to PC spin-offs. We’ll explore everything, from the time Tank Grunt was shrunken down to bug size, to when the Cowplant was first born. Let’s go on a wild journey and discover everything there is to know about the inner workings of Sim life and the alien threat that seems to plague each and every game.

PAX Australia 2022 Details

Spanning three days and taking over practically the whole of the MCEC, attendees will be able to map out their itinerary with the panel schedule now available through the PAX Aus mobile app and set to go live on the website in the coming days. More information including Storytime Keynote Speaker will be announced shortly.

With 3-Day and Saturday Badges sold out and limited single-day badges available plus PAX Aus getting so close it’s starting to affect Earth’s gravity, you better gear up for the biggest celebration of gaming in Australia! 

Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Daniel 'Sheriff Dan' Ryan is a long time Dungeon Master who has worked in Esports, Marketing, and writes about Gaming when the sun goes down.


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