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Silent Hill Creator Debuts New Game

Slitterhead is the newest venture by Silent Hill originals

The Game Awards 2021 came with its fair share of reveals and announcements. One of the most exciting of which is the debut of a new game, Slitterhead, by one of the original creators of Silent Hill.

Bokeh studios is a new studio that has been established by Keiichiro Toyama, the man behind Silent Hill and Gravity Rush. At the game awards he debuted their first title ‘Slitterhead’. The game will feature music by Akira Yamaoka who is known for composing the amazing soundtracks in the original Team Silent Silent Hill games, most notably the amazing composition in Silent Hill 2.


The timing of this announcement is also very interesting due to another announcement. During the reveal of Nightmare Alley directed by Guillermo Del Toro we had a surprise appearance by Hideo Kojima. The man famously behind the Silent Hills project. With a little bit of a tease by Del Toro himself.

“You know, one franchise I love the art direction in: Silent Hill. I hope we get a new one of those.” Del Toro stated with a playful shoulder shrug.

Is this just an inside joke? Or is there something brewing with Del Toro at the helm?

No details about platforms or even a release window just yet. So for now we will have to wait and see and put our faith in Bokeh Studios. Does Slitterhead stand to fill the hole left behind by the seeming end of Silent Hill?



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