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Peanut Gallery TV: The Broadcasters Shining a Light on Aussie eSports

You’d be hard pressed to find a gamer who doesn’t think that eSports is growing at a massive rate. If you take the amount of overseas action we’ve been seeing, it’s a given that competitive gaming is huge.

One business that has sprung up to fill the need of professional coverage is Peanut Gallery TV. Started as a two man operation in Brisbane, PGTV moved quickly to secure a space at the table of eSports businesses.

Australia and the Oceanic region are often skipped over when it comes to eSports coverage. We’re seen as a pretty small pond.

PGTV’s mission according to co-founder James ‘Jimneso’ Cowan is to bring high production quality coverage to the eSports scene and make sure Australian gaming talent isn’t overlooked at an international level.

We sat down with the current 4-man roster of Peanut Gallery TV on the last day of PAX Australia after they finished up a marathon 3 days of casting live events.

Listen to the Interview with Peanut Gallery TV below.

If the player does not show above, listen on soundcloud here.

On the audio is:

James “Jimneso” Cowan, – @deepjimpact
Richard “Mangy” Lee, – @MangyBrah
Sean “baAL” Carlson, – @stillbaALin
Peter “PeetyG” Souvlis – @IamPeetyG

In the interview we discuss:

Peanut Gallery TV at PAX
Peanut Gallery hosting at PAX Australia

Peanut Gallery TV was at PAX Aus hosting the: 

ESL Rocket League at PAX, ESL AU&NZ Championship, and MSI Global Gaming Challenge.

How Peanut Gallery TV started in the Counter Strike scene and has expanded to cover Rocket League, Overwatch and more.

Why Australia is the ‘Little kid’ at the eSports table when looking at an International level. What PGTV has seen as the Aussie eSports scene matures.

The difficulty for an independent broadcaster to break into a market controlled by game publishers.

Words of wisdom for people looking to get involved with shout-casting eSports.

Check out Peanut Gallery TV’s Broadcasts

To find out more about Peanut Gallery TV and the schedules for their events check out their website

You can tune in directly via their Twitch Channel, or watch Video on Demand from their YouTube Channel.

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Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Daniel 'Sheriff Dan' Ryan is a long time Dungeon Master who has worked in Esports, Marketing, and writes about Gaming when the sun goes down.


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