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New Black Ops 3 Redwood Map And Firebreak Character Unveiled

Call Of Duty developer, Treyarch has today unveiled a raft of new information regarding the latest iteration in the Call Of Duty saga, including a new map and character.

The Black Ops 3 map, titled Redwood, will see gamers take to a technology inundated Californian forest which will entail many obscured routes as well as weapons, each of which players may utilise throughout their intense battles.

Whilst the latest specialist character, named Firebreak, will possess an array of fire oriented abilities permitting players to compose several different assaults and ambushes.


For those who haven’t been following the title’s coverage, Black Ops 3 will see gamers traverse the advancing plains of the USA, in which players will be tasked with creating  new allies and weapons, in order to stifle the swiftly encroaching androids, and purge their corrupt minds.

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