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Dragon Age: Inquisition Review

the herald

Dragon Age: Inquisition fulfills everything an RPG lover could ever want. Loads of questing, looting and crafting, wonderful characters and an incredibly deep world filled with lore and plenty to explore. Whether you played the previous chapters or not no RPG fan or gamer should miss out on this game. It brings something I haven’t seen a while in any RPG and it’s refreshing to see in a game.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Developer: BioWare

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

Price: From $59.99 (Amazon US) to $59.89 (GameFanshop – PC)


Thedas Needs You

As with any Bioware game, Dragon Age: Inquisition’s features a sweeping and in-depth story. For those who haven’t played previous iterations in the Dragon Age series the game takes place in the continent of Thedas, specifically the two countries of Ferelden and Orlais.

Over the course of the first two games tensions have been rising between two factions: the Magi and the Templars. Before the beginning of Inquisition the two have been at war, but the game begins with the two meeting for peace talks. That is until you start the game and the Temple of Sacred Ashes is blown to pieces. Ultimately your character appears from the dust of the explosion and comes back from the Fade along with a massive opening in the sky called, the Breach. And guess who is the only one who can close them? You of course.

Judging by what I’ve experienced so far in the story it doesn’t quite hit the mark in the main storyline. That’s not to say it completely disappoints, there are some parts that hit their mark, while other moments fall a little flat. Given Bioware’s talent for creating great characters helps redeem the storytelling. Getting to know your party members and completing their quests is incredibly satisfying and makes taking the time to talk to each party member worthwhile.

the hinterlands

Rich Environments

Despite a few bumps in the story Dragon Age: Inquisition manages to solve, and excel, at what plagued its predecessor, Dragon Age II. Namely the environments. It’s not open world by any means, but there are several areas you can explore that are immense. The Hinterlands in particular is massive, especially with it being the first place you explore. Later areas will open up as you continue to play, but not all areas will be available to every player. Depending on your class and which subclass you choose you may well be seeing very different locations than other players.

Another great new feature is having a home base. You’ll begin in a small village called Haven then, due to certain events, to a place called Sky Fort. You’ll be able to upgrade armor, weapons and potions there and once you come to Sky Fort you can upgrade these vendors. Not quite like some games, like Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, but to a small degree you can.

You can also bring new agents to your cause who will come to your home bases and offer their help. Some may offer simple services like mounts, or working as spies who can offer additional information.

DAI combat

Plenty To Do

Within each of these massive areas there are plenty of quests to accomplish. I found myself on several occasions being sidetracked by side quests while heading towards my main quests. Actually, I would spend several hours avoiding those main quests until I completed all of those side quests. Ranging from closing smaller Fade Rifts and establishing camps, to helping NPC’s in the area with their problems. Each of these quests feels distinct from the other making each exclamation mark on your map a priority.

Not only are the areas expansive they are incredibly beautiful. The Hinterlands features green hills, vistas, blue rippling rivers and deep forests to inhabit. Towns are filled with citizens and show plenty of life to them with shops and other NPCs.

Character models are more detailed, especially if you have the chance to be playing Dragon Age: Inquisition on a next-gen console. Lighting on characters is superb and each bit of clothing and armor features excellent detail. Armor features a bright sheen and clothing shows each little stitch.

top down combat

Get to fighting

Combat is still just as engaging. Instead of abandoning Dragon Age: Origins top down tactical combat or Dragon Age II’s more action oriented style, Dragon Age: Inquisitions brings both styles to the table.

I love that Bioware gives players a choice in which style the prefer, or depending on the fight you can switch up between the two. If it’s a simple fight, stick with action, but if you’re facing a boss or a tough group of enemies using the tactical view to manage the situation more effectively.


Overall 9.5/10


While Dragon Age: Inquisition may not hit the mark in its main story line it manages to accomplish everything else that makes a great RPG. I know there are more great RPGs coming next year, Dragon Age: Inquisition is definitely one of the great RPGs of last-gen and new-gen consoles. Any RPG fan will come out of the experience satisfied after playing Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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