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Total War Rome 2 Wrath Of Sparta Expansion Revealed

Sega the creators of the critically acclaimed strategy game Total War Rome 2 will be receiving a brand new expansion. The expansion will be named Wrath Of Sparta and will be available on December 16th.

The game is set in the year 432 BC which is the time when the Peloponnesian war was raging, this time period is the earliest period the game has ever traveled to, so we will likely experience many never before seen things in the series.

Here is how Sega describe their unique new expansion “As the legendary warriors of Sparta are called into open conflict against an arrogant Athens by scheming Korinthos and Boiotia, Wrath of Sparta challenges you to dominate the Hellenic world. However, while the City States vie for control of their homelands, across the Aegean Sea the vengeful Persian Empire watches its old foe closely.”

The game will also include a historically accurate Greece along with a few of its mystical islands. The expansion will also give players a variety of new and improved units and as Sega said it will offer hundreds of hours of gameplay.

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