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Borderlands 2 Guide: Slap Happy


Sir Hammerlock needs your help taking care of another one of Pandora’s deadliest creatures in Slap Happy. He needs you to hunt down a massive thresher named Old Slappy. This is also a personal vendetta of his since Old Slappy is responsible for taking his missing arm. You’ll find the thresher in the Highland-Outwash area. In order to attract him you’ll need to use one of Hammerlocks robotic arms as bait. Take the arm from him and then head to the Highland-Outwash.

water pool


Head towards the mining facility you fought through in order to reach Sanctuary after it moved. Head into the open pool of water not far from not far from the start of the facility. There will be a small pillar with a chain hanging from it in the pool of water. Place Hammerlock’s arm on the chain and Old Slappy will make his appearance.

old slappy


Old Slappy is gigantic to say the least. He will use tentacles to thrash the hell out of you, but these are also his weak points. Shoot at the round blue eyes on them to deal damage and destroy the tentacles. Aim for the eyes on his head as well to deal more critical damage and you should take him down with very little trouble.

After slaying the beast return to Hammerlock. Though he found the act of vengeance less satisfying then he thought, he’ll give you a nice reward for your work.

Slap Happy REWARD:

Experience: 3859



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