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Chroma Squad Playable At PAX East 2014


There will be plenty of interesting games to see at PAX East 2014 both big and small. I prefer knowing about the smaller ones and Chroma Squad is looking interesting as hell.

From Behold Studios, the creators of Knights of Pen and PaperChroma Squad is a simulation/strategy game based around an indie Sentai television show. Think the “Power Rangers” along with all of the flashing neon Japanese characters and giant mechas we’ve come to associate with these shows. Players will have the opportunity to run and manage the studio. You can buy equipment, hire actors, creating weapons and giant mechas out of simple studio materials.

Once all of the right items are in place you can bring these battle scenes to life in some interesting turn-based strategy action and turn those action sequences into your own episodes for the show.

Chroma Squad for PC has an expected Beta Build coming after PAX, but several more platforms will be getting the game sometime this year. But if you happen to be in Boston for PAX East you’ll be able to find it at the Indie Mega Booth if you still haven’t checked it out.






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