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Borderlands 2 Guide: Perfectly Peaceful

perfectly peaceful

Sir Hammerlock has been curious as to why the crystalisks have become so aggressive. Certain rumors point to the possibility that these creatures were once perfectly peaceful and friendly to humans. He suspects you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in the Caustic Caverns.

You’ll need to pick up four audio logs of evidence to find our what happened to the crystalisks. You’ll also have three optional objectives in which you’ll need to take out certain amounts of threshers, spiderants and crystalisks. There will be plenty of all three as you fight through Caustic Cavern.

perfectly peaceful


The first can be found in a trash pile not far from the dump track. Keep following the path from the truck and it will be on your right. The ECHO log is from one of the miners, Security Officer Booth, who used to work for Hyperion. It seems the first contact with the crystalisks was very peaceful as according to her description the creature was rather playful and curious. However, their Hyperion investor Mrs. Harcheks wants to mine the crystals from the crystalisks.

The second log will be in a giant varkid nest in the middle of the map. The log will be hidden underneath a mushroom protruding from one of the pillar walls. Booth is refusing to mine the crystalisks knowing full well it will kill them. Harcheks’s on the other could care less and reminds her she needs to do her duty as security officer.

perfectly peaceful


The third can be found in the Guardian Ruins next to a gun chest. You may find yourself at the top of a cliff as you make your way towards its location. Simply jump off the cliff and the log will be right there. Booth further resists Harcheks’s orders, but sadly she’s killed for her resistance. Seriously Hyperion? You guys really, really suck.

The fourth can be found in a room in Nether Hive. You’ll need to fight through some spiderants to reach it, but nothing you can’t handle. The log details Harcheks well deserved death by the monstrous crytalik, Blue.

With all of the info you need return to Hammerlock for your reward.



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