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Borderlands 2 Guide: Note for Self-Person

note for self-person

While in the Fridge you’ll come across a Goliath who will drop an ECHO recorder once he’s killed. Pick up the recorder to start Note for Self-Person. On the recorder you hear the goliath, named Crank speaking to Marcus about his missing gun cache he was supposed to get. Marcus informs the dimwitted Crank he had sent it to Crank’s brother in the Fridge. The poor fool needs to be told twice, too.

You’ll find the chest in the Rat’s Maze with the optional objective of killing ten midgets. Since you’ll be in the Rat Maze there will be plenty of them in there as you make your way to the weapons cache. You’ll come to a large central room filled with containers and wreckage. The cache will be located on the western side of the map. It will be coated in ice, but simply shoot the ice off and the chest will be revealed.

note for self-person

Approach the weapons cache to turn in the mission and get your reward. After turning it in though you’ll need to take care of Crank’s brother Smash-Head.This goliath is huge and is joined by a small group of midgets. He also wields a massive shield so you’ll need to find an opening to get around it. Use the containers and wreckage around the room to take cover from his rocket launcher blasts. Deal some extra damage with an incendiary weapon to take down the giant.

Note For Self-Person REWARD:

Money: $609

Item: random rocket launcher

Experience: 4934




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