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Borderlands 2 Guide: Doctor’s Orders

You’ll receive Doctor’s Orders from Patricia Tannis. She needs you to collect some ECHO recordings from the Wildlife Exploitation Reserve on the slag experiments that were done there.

Borderlands 2 Guide: Doctor's Orders


You need to Fast travel to the Wildlife Exploitation Reserve and start making your way to the entrance of the actual preserve to find the first recording. The recording involves a conversation between Handsome Jack and Dr. Samuels, the woman running the experiments. Needless to say she’s apprehensive about testing on people; until Jack threatens she’ll be the next one behind the glass.

Borderlands 2 Guide: Doctor's Orders  []

The second recording is found in the specimen facility. It will be located in the room with a red gun chest. It should be in one of the cardboard boxes across from the chest. The recording involves a test subject pleading with Dr. Samuels to let his husband go since has the Shivers and is unsuitable for testing. Before she can Jack shows up threatening to harm her wife if she doesn’t continue the experiment. And, so she does.

Borderlands 2 Guide: Doctor's Orders


Continue through the facility until you reach the main experiment site with the robot greeter. Behind the greeter should be a button hit the button and a wall safe will open up to a pair of guns and the third recording. This one features Dr. Samuels testing on a subject received from the bandit Flesh-Stick. The mother tells her child to look away as they perform the experiment on the father.

Fourth and final recording can be found in the stalker cages. These cages are in the room that holds the lift leading to the fight with Bloodwing. Open the cages to let the stalkers loose and grab the final recording. This one picks up where the last one left off. The girl’s mother tells her escape using the “red rock” they gave her. She just needs to pull the pin. With her dying breath she tells her daughter, Tina, to run. Kind of makes sense why Tina is little out there and obsessed with explosives now.

Return to Tannis for your reward.

Doctor’s Orders REWARD:

Money: $387

Item: random pistol or relic

Experience: 3527



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