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Borderlands 2 Guide: The Cold Shoulder

Scooter’s “Girlfriend’ is missing in The Cold Shoulder. Help save her from the tunnel rats.

the cold shoulder


Our good friend Scooter needs some help with some girl problems he’s been having. His girlfriend Laney has been brainwashed into joining the cannibalistic tunnel rats found in the Fridge. Scooter thinks that by bringing her five of Laney’s favorite type of flowers may turn her back to her old self again. Also, Scooter wants you to keep an eye out for any porno mags that may be lying around. You know, just case he could still end up alone after all of this.

the cold shoulder


Fast Travel to the Fridge. All three of the girly mags can be found in within the bridge area, riddled with wrecked cars and crates. Two can be found among the wrecked cars, while the last can be found on top of one of the crates in the center of the bridge. Continue east until reach the next objective marker area. here you’ll find the five flowers. Several of them can be found around the perimeter of the frozen lake below. Watch out for the volatile crystalisk in this area as well as the rakks.

the cold shoulder


After picking all five flowers, it seems like you’ll also need to grab some of Laney’s favorite, pizza, to draw her out of hiding as well. The pizzas will also be in a small area in the center of the frozen lake. They’re all fairly easy to find, except for one, which sits atop some broken concrete. You’ll need to drop down from a cliff above it in order reach this final slice.

the cold shoulder


Head back south towards the objective marker to the south to the spot where you’ll lure Laney out. Place the flowers in the glowing green markers. Laney is enticed by both and appreciates the offer, to the point where starts changing her mind about joining the rats. But as soon as she finds out Scooter sent you she becomes infuriated. Seems she was never Scooter’s girlfriend; he was her stalker. She’ll come out attacking, but she isn’t very difficult to fight. Several midget tunnel rats will come out to assist her. Once again they’re easy to deal with as well. Just use your best weapons and you’ll do just fine.

Return to Scooter with the unfortunate news. At least he has those girly mags.

The Cold Shoulder REWARD:

Money: $774

Item: character skin

Experience: 3527

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