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Staff Picks For The Best Games 2013


Gaming seems to get better and better each year. Sure we love our nostalgia but 2013 has been filled with some fun times in gaming.

The gaming landscape always becomes interesting at the end of a console life-cycle and we saw the last great games come forth on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 last year. The Wii U made huge sales over christmas but ‘experts’ believe she’s still on the way out.

PC Gamers gloated over their powerful processors and advanced graphics, but kicked up a stink when GTA V was console only. It’s 2014 and they’re still waiting for a GTA V PC Release.

So looking back on 2013, some of our staff decided to share what they enjoyed the most and why. These are our Best Games 2013.

Staff Picks For The Best Games 2013


Pikmin 3

Pikmen 3

Aidan B

Amidst the frenzy of the release of next-gen consoles, it was refreshing to see that there is still a place in the industry for genuinely well-made games. There were a lot of games released in 2013 that may have been technically more impressive or offer a better story than Pikmin 3 but for sheer enjoyment, Pikmin 3 was miles above the pack.

At the core, it is the same game as Pikmin and Pikmin 2 but mixes and matches the elements into a new blend that strikes the balance perfectly. Solid single player action and a multiplayer mode that offers a challenge for veterans working together and laughs if playing with someone not so experienced. Pikmin 3 is a colourful, vibrant, and fun adventure with the same sense of exploration and mystery as Skyrim.

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

Senior Stiv

My game of the year is definitely Bioshock InfiniteYes, granted the game’s combat and gameplay weren’t the best, but Irrational Games was able to take us one roller coaster ride of story. Booker and Elizabeth’s journey through the sky-city of Columbia was poignant, themes in science and politics, and one mind blowing ending that has still left me a little dazed to this day.

Also, the new powers are pretty awesome, though I do miss the weapon wheel dearly. Thankfully, it made a comeback in the equally entertaining story DLC, Burial at Sea.

This is one of those games no gamer should miss out on.

Payday 2

Payday 2


Gaming took a bit of a shift in tone for me in 2013. Usually at the cutting edge of the latest AAA games I found myself spending more time with games from previous years and indie titles.

When everyone started talking about Bank Heists in GTA V, I was already having a blast with Payday 2. Robbing banks, smashing jewellery stores and cooking blue meth are some of the wonderful activities to get up to in this 4 player first person shooter.

The game isn’t perfect by any means and can start to feel a bit repetitive if you decide to grind a particular heist. There is enough to keep you going in terms of collectables unlocks, also each mission can be done a number of different ways and changes slightly each time.

The real joy comes from getting together with a crew and working together. Maybe you’ve got a mate who is good with a drill and another who knows how to control a crowd. Like putting together a heist movie each person needs their unique skills. Maybe ‘Fingers Charlie’ the lock pick expert isn’t online today but ‘Big Mitch’ knows a guy to fill that role, can you trust this newcomer? What if he’s loose cannon? Situations like that just add to the tension in Payday 2.

When everything goes to shit on a stealth run and a guard spots trips an alarm though it’s time to vault the counter and yell at everyone to get down on the ground. Time to break bad wearing a cool mask.

What games were the highlight for you last year? Let us know in the comments below.



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