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Where Angels Fear To Tread-Pt. 2

Borderlands 2 Guide – Where Angels Fear to Tread Pt2auto cannon

Where Angels Fear To Tread Pt 1

Now that you’re inside the bunker it’s time to start tearing it down. The map of the bunker is a small, simple, circle arena with multiple levels. The first is a stony base, the second level is a ring surrounding the pillar and at the very top is central platform. All three are carefully interconnected with steps leading to and from each level.

Your first order of business is protecting your air support. The buzzards Brick sent to help you are being shot down by several auto cannons on the bunker. Each cannon has an objective marker pointing out its position and often show up two at a time. Any decent damage dealing weapon will do, but corrosive weapons will chew through the armor quickly, allowing you take out each one faster. With the me gone it’s time to destroy the bunker. Unfortunately, the bunker isn’t a place. Handsome Jack comes over the ECHO and tells you it’s in fact the finest piece of robotic technology ever created.



Boss: BNK3R

BNK3R is essentially a mobile fortress with an array of weapons to destroy you with. Two pairs of auto cannons, heat seeking missiles and even some timed proximity minds will be used against you. The auto cannons can be easily blown off if they become too distracting. Try to not focus on them too much as destroying them doesn’t do any damage to BNK3R. Any high damage dealing weapon is useful here, but those with a nice shock or corrosive augment will be extremely effective against the robotic death machine. BNK3R will also deploy different types of loaders to deal with you if it takes too much damage. Just keep attacking it each time it flies by and it’ll come down. Along with its crash landing BNK3R will also spill a boat load of cash and loot for you to collect.

BNK3R mines


With BNK3R destroyed you can now enter through the security door located at the base of the bunker. With the correct bio-signature and the voice modulator from Angel getting through is easy. Step onto the elevator on the other side of the door and head down. On the way down Angel hints that the Vault Key needs a catalyst to activate it. Specifically, a Siren. At the bottom you’ll come to the entrance to Control Core Angel. Head inside to find a small panel at the end of the hallway.

Hit the button and Angel will execute a phase shift. Remember the Siren catalyst she mentioned before? Well, it turns out Angel isn’t some disembodied voice of an AI. She’s quite real and a Siren. She’s his daughter and has been serving him her whole life And according to her the only way to stop Jack from charging the Vault Key is by destroying her.

angel control room


Jack will intervene in order to protect her by pulling her into a protective shield bubble. Angel points out the Eridium injectors that are feed her power as well as the Vault Keys. Start firing at them, but Jack will step in again by shielding those as well. All you can do for now is fend off Jack’s defenses until Angel can find a way to lower those shields. She’ll also provide you with ammo and health periodically throughout the fight.

After a short period of time Roland shows up in the control room. Angel will have Roland help in lowering the shields on the injectors. When the first goes down shoot it and the injector will break off from Angels shielded bubble. You’ll need to repeat this process two more times while dealing with increasingly difficult waves of loaders.

angel released


After the second injector goes the light bridges will give out, preventing Roland from reaching the control panels that lower the shields on the injectors. Thankfully, Lilith shows up to help Roland reach the final control panel. Take her advice and keep on your toes as they lower the shield. Jack will send a wave of powerful loaders down on you to stop your plan. With the final shield lowered, shoot the injector and it will all be lowered. Angel is free, but she eventually succumbs to the decades of being connected to the Eridium injectors. It’s a bittersweet moment, but you’ll soon be taking revenge on Jack.

Turn in the mission to Roland and receive this well-earned reward.


Money: $1366

Experience: 10638

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