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Lame Game Marathon 3: Bad Games For Charity

Lame Game Marathon Gives Awful Games A Reason To Exist By Raising Money For UNICEF.

Lame Game Marathon

October 26th at 10am the Lame Game Marathon (LGM) will begin. Some of the worst games ever made will be making an appearance in the third annual event.

Aussie gamers  Dan Camilleri, Mark Dawes and Luke Wigley will play over 20 of the worst video games ever made for 24 hours non-stop, all to raise money for UNICEF.

The whole thing will be streamed live online as it happens for everybody to tune in, have fun, share the pain, and hopefully donate to a good cause. Last year the LGM raised $7,300.

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Lame Games

King of Crusher
King Of Crusher

A few of the lame games have been revealed so far as more details are announced. The terrible games on display this year range from the obscure to the infamous, including:

  • 1994’s infamous fighting game based on the true life story of Shaquille o’Neal – Shaq Fu
  • An obscure, yet unintentionally hilarious Japanese PS1 title from 1998 known as King of Crusher
  • The biker brawler trainwreck which is a current contender for the worst game of 2013: Ride To Hell: Retribution.
  • 2000’s overhyped and eternally delayed FPS blow-out, Daikatana
  • A 2D sprited semi-3D RPG drawn exclusively in the mud colour palette, Virtual Hydlide

Not So Lame Hosts


The hosts will suffer for our entertainment, providing commentary and interacting with viewers. Those tuning in can use the chat, Twitter and other social media to stay in touch whilst the boys struggle on. Throughout the 24 hour stream, the presenters will be giving away prizes and encouraging people to pledge donations.

Lame For Charity

Ride To Hell - Sounds great!
Ride To Hell – Sounds great!

It’s not all fun and lame games, the reason for the marathon is the team want to raise money for UNICEF.

“We’re hoping to make the Lame Game Marathon 3 the biggest one yet in terms of entertainment, fun and most importantly, the total funds raised for UNICEF.” Announced Dan Camileri. “Last year we raised $7,300 thanks to the generous donations and the amazing help we received in spreading the word of the LGM, but this year we’re hoping to break through all of our previous records and raise even more funds for a such good cause.”

Through the marathon donations can be made via the LGM account, and all funds will go to UNICEF in order to help them continue giving underprivileged children the support they need.

The Lame Game Marathon 3 starts 26th October at 10am (+10 UTC).

Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Daniel 'Sheriff Dan' Ryan is a long time Dungeon Master who has worked in Esports, Marketing, and writes about Gaming when the sun goes down.


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