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What we’ve been playing

As E3 becomes a distant memory and the sad realization that most of the games we’re excited about won’t be here for a long time, the Non-Fiction Gaming crew turns returns to the here and now to play the games we already own.

Senior Stiv

The past couple weeks have kept me busy, but I’ve managed to find some time to game for a few hours. I’m currently enthralled by Eador-Genesis. This fantasy strategy game plays very similarly to Heroes of Might and Magic and knows how to be just as addicting with its “one more turn” syndrome. Being able to expand your castle, heroes and overall empire is a blast. I’m aware the game is over ten years old at this point, but I can’t stop myself from playing this game. If I’ve managed to grab your interest, I recommend getting this game from It’s only $6 and you’ll be entertaining yourself for days.

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Old school PC strategy at its finest


Fire Emblem Awakening is one of three 3DS games I’m really excited about for this year. The second game which came out about two weeks ago now is Animal Crossing New Leaf. I only received my copy last week and I’m having a blast! You can expect a review next week, but for now I’ll say that it has the same gameplay as previous installments in the franchise but with a lot more you can do now. This is because as mayor, you can change laws and build new structures to try to create a perfect utopian society.

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Or recreate dungeons in your house

Whenever we get the chance, my girlfriend and I have also been playing Pixel Junk Monsters on the PS3. A fun little tower defence game that we played at a friend’s house that we decided to download it ourselves. The co-operative gameplay and charming little characters we play as have ensured hours of fun so far with more on the way.


It’s that Humble Bundle time of year again with my most recent acquisition taking up too much of my time. As the Steam library grows bigger I fear my time gets less and less. Thomas Was Alone is a fun little indie platform game from Mike Bithell. You get to control a number of simple polygon shapes across puzzles. The shapes represent out-of-control artificial intelligence entities, working with each other to get to the endpoints of each level. What makes this game interesting is the narrator voiced by Danny Wallace giving each a unique name and personality.

Thomas was alone


The second half of what I’ve been playing this week has seen me back into the world of Skyrim. I’ve loaded in the Dragonborn and Dawnguard expansions so add a little more content. Revisiting the world of Tamriel after all this time is good fun. There have been some great texture and graphics packs available that update the look of the game tenfold.

What have you been playing this week? Let us know in the comments below.



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