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What we’ve been playing

This week, the crew seems to be in a nostalgic mood playing some of our favourite classics as well as a few new games to keep things interesting.

Senior Stiv

This week I’ve been playing a lot of Age of Empires II on Steam. The updated version has been able to keep me coming back for more. Recently, I went into a four-way conquest match, only to have all three factions attempting to crush me. Which, they did sufficiently.

The connection to the Steam Workshop has offered up plenty more interesting scenarios and texture packs. I recently downloaded The War of Five Kings scenario. You play as one of the high families in Westeros and play out the war the way you see fit.

Needless to say I crushed the Lannisters (although I do feel bad about Jamie and Tyrion) and several other houses of Westeros in my conquest as the Tully’s of Riverrun.  Putting a town to the torch will never cease to get old.

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As long as you murdered this wretch, I think we can forgive you

 Sheriff Dan

“Woooosh”, “Schwing”, “Whupa-Cha” and other Kung Fu sounding words have been a part of my gaming life recently with Age of Wushu. Set in the orient full of flowing robes and people running on water, Age of Wushu is a free to play martial arts MMO.

I’m enjoying running up walls Crouching Tiger style and unleashing lightning quick swordplay on bandits and creatures. The game is a little difficult to get a handle on especially as I’ve grown used to quests to be spoken to me by voice actors in Star Wars the Old Republic.

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I dunno about Crouching Tiger. I think it looks more like Hero

One big thing to note is the player driven economy though, when offline your character will become an NPC wandering around or running a small shop if you tell it to sell items. Whilst logged off though, other players can kidnap or poison you.

It’s an awesome concept and the further I get over the initial difficulty hump (caused by a confusing tutorial/guide quest line) the more I get into this game.


As you may have guessed from my review, I am still playing Fire Emblem Awakening. I finished the story a couple of weeks ago and ever since, I’ve been spending my time trying to unlock every single support conversation.

I find the conversations between the characters interesting and a lot of the times funny, but surprisingly some of the conversations can be heart breaking. They reveal things about themselves that you otherwise couldn’t possibly know, so it’s a great way to add more depth to the world and the characters but making it completely optional.

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Also a great way to find out who in your team is a twisted serial killer

I also bought Super Metroid on the Wii U for thirty cents a few days ago. The title screen still sends a shiver down my spine even all these years later and I still know where every hidden item is. Unusually though, I can’t remember what I used to set my button layout to and every time I pick up the game, I feel as though the buttons are all wrong. I suppose that happens when you don’t play something for several years.

Also if you want a laugh, check out this link to see Miiverse screenshots of new gamers getting stuck 5-10 minutes in the game.



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