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CivCraft Civilization in MineCraft

CivCraft brings the elements of Sid Meier’s Civilization series to the multiplayer world of Minecraft. In development for over a year, CivCraft already has a hard-core and dedicated fan base developing, testing and balancing the mod into a finished product.


Currently in Beta phase the server-side Minecraft mod from AVRGaming allows individuals to band together to build towns and civilizations.

Minecrafters looking to get involved can connect through the multiplayer function in Minecraft.

“Hey Red, let us form an alliance and crush blue.” -Green

Either join someone else’s Civilization and create your own town or found a civilisation and carve out a capital city. Start on your journey to glory by founding a civilization using the iron, gold, diamond, and emeralds you mine.

Building a town allows you to protect an area giving you the freedom to build creatively and protect your belongings in a survival based world.

Spending resources will let you build structures, buy upgrades, found new cities, research technology, and purchase units.

“Our goal is to create a completely new, unique and interesting gameplay experience which combines creativity alongside a goal oriented experience. Your hard earned resources gathered from farming, mining and exploring are now rewarded in a complex trade driven survival economy server. We want to take the creative spirit of Minecraft and give it a competitive purpose so that players can take greater pride in their accomplishments.”

Technology is a key component to the Civilization games and CivCraft is no different. Each civilization must advance up the technology tree in order to unlock new powerful structures, wonders, and units.

So can we rush Nukes?

You can exchange Iron, Gold and Diamond into a bank in return for Coins, the backbone of the CivCraft economy. Spend your hard-earned coins on 21 unique structures so far, and 6 powerful world wonders. Each structure and wonder provides a benefit to your civilization and its citizens.

With normal Minecraft growth disabled, a Farm structure will be required to grow crops. The Cottage structure will consume crops and generate Coins to fund expansion and trade.

Every game needs more farming simulators.

Other features include: trade outposts, defensive structures like walls and cannon towers. CivCraft also has a “Units” system to mirror an army strength. Units bestow special abilities to the player that holds them such as increased movement speed or damage output.

All structures build slowly over time. Building ‘Mine Structures’ and collecting certain trade goods will increase the rate at which structures are built, which is critical when building wonders.

Will you feed the people or enlist them?

The world map is littered with unique trade resources. These provide regional advantages to civilizations founded in different locations across the map. Trade goods are represented by in-game items which can be traded, pirated, and fought over.

Certain trade goods are only available in particular hemispheres of the map creating diversity based on each civilization’s location and encouraging trade t.

This armour is now Diamonds!

Trade goods are taken from trade outposts and placed into the town hall’s item frames. Once socketed, they will begin to provide bonuses to your city.

Cities and Civilizations can be “captured” by successfully destroying each city’s Town Hall.

When good Civs go to war…

War is not the only way to wreak havoc on enemies. Sometimes the subtle approach is best with spies that can perform devastating spy missions in enemy borders. Spys can perform missions such as: Investigate, Steal Treasury, Subvert Government, Poison Granary, Pirate and Sabotage.

Will you get in on the ground floor and start a civilization that will stand the test of time?

For more information on CivCraft take a look at the Subreddit /Civilizationcraft or the Wiki page.

If you know of other Minecraft Mods worth taking a look at, let us know in the comments below.
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
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