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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-The Pretty Good Train Robbery

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ripoff station

This is yet, another Tiny Tina mission. Tina has been informed a Hyperion train loaded with cash is on its way to Tundra Express and is looking for you to attempt an old fashioned train robbery.

The train will be coming into Ripoff Station and explosives will be needed to keep it there. Since you’re in Tiny Tina’s lair, young girl will provide you with them. Collect the dynamite around her work bench and head to the station.

train robbery

Your first objective is to close the exit gate to prevent the train from leaving when it arrives. Fight through the bandits to the exit gate and plant the explosive. The blast will shut the gate. Head up to the train platform and send a signal to the Hyperion train to lure it here.

When it arrives plant the remaining dynamite on the train to blow open the vaults of cash. Collect the money, then make your get away before the Hyperion reinforcements arrive. Take your time and fend them off until you collect all of the cash.

Return to Tina to recieve your reward. Included with it is the cash you collected (you should be rich now), so spend away on that special piece of equipment you always wanted.


Item: random grenade mod

Experience: 2069

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