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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Party

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the tea party


Let the party begin! All of the guests are finally at Tiny Tina’s lair and we can get things under way. Table is all set with princess Fluffybutt, Von Bartlesby and a cloaked seat. Tina needs you to hit the nearby generator to get things started. When you hit the generator, the curtain drops revealing our third guest, Flesh-Stick. The depraved psycho starts to taunt Tina about her parents. Seems understandable why he is Tina’s “guest of honor” now. To shut him up, Tina asks that you give Flesh-Stick a hard smack in the face.

enemy waves[]

Before things can get more interesting, Tina informs you she’s invited Flesh-Sticks friends. You’re going to need to hold them off at the entrance and insure the generator isn’t damaged.

You’ll need to deal with three waves of enemies, so prep yourself with your best weapons and greanades. Also, spam the hell out of your ability to deal with the increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Don’t forget to collect dropped ammo between each wave to reamain well supplied.

After defending her lair from all three waves, Tina will finish the job and electrocute Flesh-Stick until he’s crisp. Approach, Tina and she’ll give you your reward for helping her plan this revenge fueled tea party.


Item: random pistol

Experience: 2069

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