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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP

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With her friends now safely at the party it’s now time to invite the guest of honor. The man’s name is Flesh-Stick. I know it’s suggestive to say the least, but Tina is placing him at the head of the table for this party. And he isn’t exactly the friendliest individual either.

You’ll find him at the bandit camp in the northeast of Tundra Express, close to the site where you launched the missles to stop Handsome Jack’s train.

flesh stick


Several bandits patrol the area, but are generally easy to deal with. Flesh-Stick is the psycho with the mohawk. Get him to follow you while he rages at you. If he stops use a weak gun to regain his attention and lead him back to Tiny Tina’s lair.

When you reach the entrance Tina shocks the hell out of him, sucking him through some odd ventilation shaft.

With everyone there the party can finally begin. Find Tina, recieve your reward and get ready for one sadistic party.


Money: $109

Item: Random rocket launcher or grenade mod

Experience: 3104

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