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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-The Overlooked: Medicine Man

karina's house


Before you go in search of Handsome Jack’s Wildlife Preservation/research facility, we’re going to visit the town of Overlook. You reached Sanctuary from this town and its shut-away citizens. The poor people are afflicted with an illness called the shivers keeping them inside at all times. Roland wants you to double check on them to ensure they’re still living at least.

requisition officer[]

Simply warp to the town to reach it. Once at Overlook, go to the objective point in the north to a house. Knock on the door. You’ll be introduced to Karina, the current head of the town. She asks that you bring the town three packages of shiver medication. Their medicine machine lacks power at the moment, but Karina suggests you take the battery from the towns clocktower and install it into the machine. Removing the battery will also get the attention of another resident named Dave. He isn’t dangerous, but he is annoying as all hell and will continue to be by interjecting his opposing opinions throughout your time in Overlook.

supply crate


Once you’ve brought power back to the medicine machine, buy the shiver medicine. You still need to find two more to help out the town. Karina points you in the direction of a travlling Hyperion requisitions officer whose holding on to a bottle. Karina would like to find him and kill him to get it. Politely if you could, because you know, that makes it okay. He’s just east of town under the bridge that extends over the chasm. Grab a vehicle to make quick work of the Hyperion loaders that attack. The officer is tough too, but with the right weapons you can make short work of him. Grab the bottle of medicine from the machine on his back and it’s on to finding the next one.



The third is in a supply crate next to the brigde out of the Highlands. Once again grab a vehicle to deal with the threshers surrounding the area. When the coast is clear head for the small island with crate and open it. Inside will be another machine with some shiver medication. With all three in hand return to Overlook and hand it out to the residents. Karina will thank you for your help, but her and the town are going to need more help before they’re out of the woods.


Money: $692

Item: random character skin

Experience: 3208



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