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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-Torture Chairs

tannis 3You’re not quite finished with Tannis, yet. It seems she’s lost more echos around Sanctuary as well. I doubt Tannis can keep track of anything at this point. Despite the fact it says this quest is beyond your level, you’re simply looking for ECHOs again so this shouldn’t be much of a challenge for you.

trash echo



You can find the first ECHO hidden away in the trash container right outside of Marcus Kincaid’s gun shop. She seems to have met a pair of ceiling chairs at Moxxi’s, which she’s taken an uncomfortable liking to.


Tannis seems to lose things in the trash very easily, as the second echo can be found in the trash pile just outside Moxxi’s bar. Outside of gaining intrest in those ceiling chairs, Tannis has also dealt with some unfortunate torture at the hands of Handsome Jack. Could explain the chair obsession.

claptrap echo



What is with Tannis and losing things in the trash? You’ll find the third ECHO hidden away in Claptraps junkyard home. The recording goes more in-depth about her torture. It sounds like Jack’s men have started toturing her chair friends as well.


The fourth ECHO can be found in Dr. Zed’s medical office. It’s sitting on a table in an alcove to the left of the main room. Unfortunately, one of the chairs, Phillipe, didn’t make it.

tire echo[vgfaq.com]


The final ECHO can be found under a pile of tires not far from Scooter’s shop. The basic gist of this recording is never screw with Tannis and her chairs. Jack’s a dead man.

Return her strange recordings on her harrowing experience and recieve another hefty reward for your work.


Money: $765

Experience: 2858



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