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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-Handsome Jack Here!

The quest begins in the small bandit outpost, Gateway Harbor, just west of Liar’s Berg. After killing the bandits living there one of them drops an ECHO recorder. The recorder holds one of the last entries from Helena Pierce, the former leader of New Haven. This first entry involves her self recording before a train she’s on is attacked. Sir Hammerlock is interested in seeing if you can find more of her recordings to find out what happened to her.

Jounrnal Entry #1

Head back to Liar’s Berg to find the next entry. The recording is located in the southern part of town. You come to a space enclosed by a metal fence filled with junk and trash. Follow the small objective marker and you’ll come across a dumpster with a barrel on top. A padlock is sealing the small dumpster door shut. Knock it off with a melee attack and the door will slide open with another ECHO recorder.

This entry further details the attack on the train. It looks like Jack is the perpetrator and is looking to arrest Helena and the riders for “stealing” the train despite being taken under legal terms. The recording ends with Jack’s reaction to Helena Pierce’s face, which of course he laughs at, being the douche he is.

Journal Entry #2

The second recording is located in the west of town at Sir Hammerlock’s house. On the roof of the house to be exact. There’s a ladder on the left side of Hammerlock’s home that leads to a ledge. Once on the ledge head straight following the ledge around to sloping edge of the roof. Hop up to the roof and you’ll see a chunk of frozen debris. Smash it and the ECHO recorder will be yours.

The entry continues with Jack asking Helena how she received her facial disfigurement. If she does Jack will let everyone go. Turns out Helena’s husband made a mistake with skag pearl ring. Unfortunately, her husband is dead and the story is over. Jack apologizes, then shoots Helena.

Journal Entry #3

Helena’s last entry is found in an ice box. The ice box is on the right of the house near the entrance of Liar’s Berg. There’s no fancy way in or any climbing, just open the ice box.

Well, Helena is definitely dead, Jack being amused by his own actions. After he gets his twisted kicks, he informs his robotic partner Wilhelm to slay everyone else on the train. It’s a sad conclusion, but it gives you more of a reason to put a bullet in Jack’s head.

Find Sir Hammerlock to turn in the quest and take your reward.


Experience: 80

Money: $63

Item: Random pistol



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