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What We’ve Been Playing

Another big week in the world of gaming as NFG prepares for DreamHoN: Destination Dream Hack and gets stuck into some Borderlands 2 quests. Many of us are commiserating the one hour that we will lose that could of being used to play games here in Melbourne. Damn day light saving. But we push on and manage to play oodles of games nonetheless. We share below what we’ve been playing, how about you, what games have you been playing?


These last few weeks I’ve been scratching the MMO itch with some Guild Wars 2. More of my friends must have read Chazz’ review because a steady stream is coming to join the Non Fiction Guild on the Isle of Janthir. I’m running out of low level areas to quest with my friends, can they hurry and catch up to the mighty, purple and gold of Sheriff The Norn Mesmer?

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer

Mr Port:

In the ongoing struggle to chase a certain sparkly Mesmer, I’ve been voyaging through Guild Wars 2, reaping souls and harvesting life force, all while looking classy in black. Who does purple and gold, honestly?

Also decided to get in Borderlands 2, and so far enjoying it, especially since I wasn’t all that impressed by the first one. Alright, I outright thought it was crap. I’m a heretic, a witch, burn him etc etc. Moving on. Sleeping Dogs is the other big name that I’ve had a taste of and all I can say is YES. More like this please.

Matty D:

Being a creature fearful of change I have made the grand leap over the last week from The Witcher to, and I do advise a lengthy pause for effect, The Witcher II: Assassins of Kings. My devotion to diversity is nothing short of praiseworthy.

When not screaming in primeval fashion at the brutal combat system I make the most of the games beautiful physics engine by maintaining a five step distance behind Triss Merigold during hikes through the forest. A brief summary of the experience would go as follows: *Wiggle wiggle nom*.

Witcher 2
Triss Merigold from The Witcher II

Ion Squared:

Resident Evil 6. So far so good. I’m about half way through the game and it’s been quite the ride so far. AI has been greatly improved over the entry in the series and your partner doesn’t feel like dead weight any more.  Inventory is far more manageable now and has been streamlined well.

There are still gripes to be had with the controls but this seems to be a staple with the series and I just don’t know whether it would feel like a Resident Evil game without some control issues. Anyone who plans to play it had best be prepared for some rather frustrating moments (mostly related to Quick Time Events). I’ll go over all this in more detail once I write up a review.

Resident Evil 6
Resident Evil 6

Senior Stiv:

This week I’ve just been digging into Borderlands 2. I think I’m almost done the main campaign with my gunzerker, so I’ll be playing my next play through as Zero to try out somebody new. I intend on making him the sharpest of sharpshooters. I know his melee tree is pretty badass, but as the sniper in the last Borderlands I choose to focus on the pistols. Time to give the rifle a try.

Other than that I’m very much looking forward to picking up Dishonored next week and playing the hell out of that.




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