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Must Have Features For Next Gen Consoles

Next Gen Consoles Xbox

With the next generation consoles on the horizon we asked NFG staff what are the must have features of these new pieces of hardware. We also explored some more “nice-to-have” features which could or could not be as feasible. How about the rest of the video gaming community, any must have features that these consoles require for you to spend your cash on?


Years ago Blizzard tricked us all with an April fools joke surrounding their Pandaren Express. Players were supposed to type “/panda” into their chat bar to bring up a menu from the Pandaren Express Chinese restaurant. The reasoning was that Blizzard already had our credit and billing address, they would be able to seamlessly organise the delivery of your spring rolls and prawn crackers by a guy dressed like a panda.

History’s joke should be the next generation’s innovation. Next gen consoles should be tapped into sites like MenuLog (or whatever services your area) and let gamers order some take away on the fly while gaming. Will this re-enforce the stereotype of the lazy, junk food eating gamer? Most definitely, however, if we can get some lamb rogan josh delivered with minimal pauses to gameplay, who cares?

Kebab Next Gen Consoles
Mmm late night kebab ordered via console…this could work.

Senior Stiv:

With the next generation of consoles on the horizon I’m already looking forward to what they can do. The WiiU is already showing new innovation with its tablet controller and improved graphics. New engines are also on the way with Unreal 4 Engine. But there are also a few new things I’d like to see from Sony and Microsoft. It’s not very likely, but would love to see a better online system for the new Xbox, particularly with the market. I would like to see Microsoft remove the points system and just allow people to buy games straight with a debit/credit card.

As for Sony I haven’t really spent enough time with the PS3 to say what I would want to see differently. I’m not very comfortable with the PS3 control set up, so maybe making the analog stick a little more comfortable to use would be great.

Most importantly I would like to see modding capabilities added to consoles. Consoles have always been at a disadvantage when it comes to ports of PC games. Skyrim, Left 4 Dead and Half-Life are all supported by modding communities and seeing some of those tools and downloads on new consoles would be a great addition.

Ion Squared:

WiiU: Must have a functional online, no more friend codes, just easy to connect, quick access Smash Bros and Mario kart for all, you ould even do Pikmin online. Maybe not so much a feature as a possibility with the  introduction of the tablet I think the Wii U can close a few gaps between the PC world and the console by emulating a mouse and acting as the perfect console control for RTS games. 

Expandable Hard Drive will be a must if they plan on competing with the others as 32gig just isn’t enough for all the downloadable content available in todays market. I know it’s a long-shot but with a functional online won’t they please just give us Pokemon MMO? Seriously, it’s like a licence to print money!

PS4: Once again, not so much a feature as a business strategy but I think they need to abandon the reliance on new media formats (Bluray, UMDs and such) and focus heavily on games for their launch window because as I remember it took the PS3 forever to get some decent console exclusives. A more user friendly and less limited browser and online store would help a lot.

X720 (or Nextbox or whatever it will be called): I haven’t had a great deal of experience with Microsoft but one thing I will say is RELIABLE HARDWARE! No more red rings please. 

Please no more!

Some more creative uses of the Kinect hardware as from what I’ve read people have done some amazing things by hacking including but not limited to holograms. Get some of those hackers on board and see what they can do when you put them on a payroll. 

Finally, please let Rare do something with their multitude of intellectual properties and shine again like they did on the Nintendo 64.

Emma K:

I have never grown up around consoles so having only bought my first one a little over a year ago the novelty of what they are capable of is still new. In terms of next gen hardware the specs have to stack up to those of my PC for me to even consider purchasing one.

The WiiU however is the console I may consider purchasing. As long as playing with friends is easy than the mess that Nintendo has made it previously. The Rayman demo at E3 on it looked superb. If that kind of innovative use of the tablet, can be executed in other games then there is a chance I’d play a number of their games.

Overall, I’m looking  for the next gen consoles to push the boundaries of gaming. The Kinect has received a lot of flak in recent times, but hey you know what, it was a risk, it was different and a little out there. Games haven’t come out to support it in droves but it may be a step in the right direction. As long as game developers support the use of the next gen hardware and they can work synonymously then we as gamers can have a lot to look forward to in the future.

We want to know your wish list for Next Gen Consoles, let us know through Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below. How has your expectations of 2012 gaming shaped up so far? Take a look at our predictions from last year.




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