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Borderlands 2 Quest Guide: Cleaning Up The Berg


Following on from where we left off

After making it through the Hyperion cargo container you find yourself on the other side near another steep cliff. Off to the distance you can see the small town of Liar’s Berg. Hammerlock resides within so continue to follow Claptrap towards the town. The town is currently overrun by a small group of bandits who work for their ruthless leader Captain Flynt. Claptrap has had some unfortunate dealings with the bandit leader.

As you approach Handsome Jack’s snide voice cracks over the Echo communicator. He’s still upset with the fact you’re still alive so to enlist the help of the bandits on the planet he’s put out a massive bounty on your head. Needless to say Captain Flynt is interested and calls on his men to take you out the moment they have sight of you.

Continue to the gate of Liar’s Berg and Claptrap radios Sir Hammerlock for help. The gentlemenly scholar is happy to offer his services if you can do one small favor for him: kill all of the bandits in Liar’s Berg. He soon opens the gate and every bandit takes notice. Even as Zero there is no sneaky way of dealing with these bandits.

Put your new shotgun to use and start killing bandits. Run in gun first to take out the first two bandits wandering the town. Another will appear from the building to your left. Kill him. Two more will appear from the building on your right with the ammo vending machine. Your shotgun should make short work of them.

Once those two are gunned down more bandits will appear with some unexpected company: bullymongs. Use the confusion to your advantage. Bullymongs and bandits will attack each other so take out enemies when they’re distracted. I would focus on the bullymongs as they’re slightly tougher than the bandits. Clear out the remaining baddies once you’ve taken out one group or the other.


With the town secure Hammerlock finally offers his assistance in repairing Claptrap’s eye. His house is to the west of town so follow Claptrap there. Hammerlock promises to turn off the electric field to the gate of the house, but instead leaves it on to shock the litle robot into quiet. Hammerlock strides out the front door in an englishman’s exploration attire and graciously offers his help. Hand him Claptrap’s eye and jams the eye back into the robots socket.

Claptrap flashes back to life. After the little robot’s joyous return Hammerlock offers to turn the power back on to the town, so you might be able to accomplish more jobs for the town. The bounty board ends up not working, but Hammerlock instead will be able to offer the jobs. Talk to him to earn more quests and a reward for your recent work.


Experience: 321

Money: $12

Item: Random Shield



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