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What We’ve Been Playing

With NFG’s first successful Borderlands 2 competition complete it is now time to get our hands dirty and start playing the crap out of this game. That and get back into some old classics such as Civilisation V and World of Warcraft it would seem. Let us know in the comments below, what have you been playing?


This week has been spent on Steam. As a leader of the free(ish) world in Civilisation V, I have led my people across the world in a war machine of death. I have learnt that Ghandi is not to be trusted. India make friendly deals with you throughout the ages but as soon as they are ready, an army of death will descend upon where you least expect it. Those kind old eyes beneath the glasses are twinkling away and planning your destruction.

The other part of my time has been spent around Borderlands 2. You may have seen our competition, we were giving away two copies to lucky readers. If you want to see me playing as the GUNZERKER and dying regularly in the early levels check out my Twitch channel.

Senior Stiv:

I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim this week making my wood elf even better with a sword and shield. Bashing in enemy heads with hefty power bash is becoming incredibly satisfying. Also, digging through Dawnguard again  because tragically my original file became corrupt and failed to play. But the replay has been even better now with all the cool side quests I’m starting to work through. Though Serana’s constant banter is getting on my nerves.

I’ve also started playing World of Warcraft. Yes I know I’m late to the game (about eight years late), but massive lengthy games are my thing and I feel like I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t give it a shot. More than anything I’m looking forward to playing a whole lot of Borderlands 2 next week. Enough said.

Emma K:

This week in gaming for me has involved levelling my guardian warrior in Guild Wars 2. I’m loving the perfection, that is Guild Wars 2 it is just consuming way too much of my life.

And while I haven’t been playing any Starcraft II I’ve been following the GSL (Global Starcraft League) closely. And lastly I have been getting back into Civilization V.  I have learnt not to play with people that who think it is a good idea to play the largest map while forgetting to put in any AI’s…that was a long five hours.




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