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Borderlands 2 Quest Guide – My First Gun

Hello Non-Fiction Gamers and welcome to what is going to be the first of many Strategy Guides to Borderlands 2!  About twice week I’ll be posting story missions, item guides and boss battles to help out my fellow vault hunters. And for any of you looking to join me in killing and looting the planet of Pandora, my Xbox 360 gamertag Fenris458. Feel free to add me and we can do some damage to the bad guys of Pandora. Now on to the Guide:


My First Gun:

You begin the game on a train presumably to Handsome Jack’s hideout. Of course it turns out he doesn’t want your help at all; he just wants to kill you and your friends. After some gun-fighting and an explosion you’ll find yourself waking up in a frozen wasteland and the little ClapTrap, who seems to be digging your grave.

He notices your eyes opening and immediately starts helping you. The robot sets you up with your hub and he’ll ask you to follow him to his comfy little home (and safety). Follow him. The controls are easy to understand not only for the seasoned Borderlands player, but also for any first-shooter player.

Once inside his home ClapTrap will explain the current situation on Pandora. A ruthless tyrant named Handsome Jack has taken over the planet along with his Hyperion army. As the little robot explains the situation a massive, four-armed, gorilla-like creature called a bullymong enters through the roof and grabs ClapTrap. Before the beast leaves he takes ClapTraps eye out of his socket and drops him to the floor.

The blind robot informs you he has a pistol in his cabinet. Move across the room to the objective marker on a flashing green cabinet. Open the doors and you’ll receive the pistol and a nice little reward for completing your first task. Now it’s time to go after the bullymong and ClapTrap’s eye.

See you out in the wasteland…


Experience: 71

Money: $10

Next Quest: Blindsided

For more Borderlands 2 check out Stiv’s review here. If you’re enjoying Borderlands 2 already, take a look at the Borderlands 2 Season Pass.

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