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What We’ve Been Playing

This week at NFG has all being about The Secret World it would seem.  But mixed up in there we have prepared you for the next big zombie hit, The War Z. And also thrown in some Dawn of Fantasy and Mario for good measure. And as per usual below is what we’ve being playing for the week. So fellow NFG gamers, with the environmental elements proving to be either way too chilly or sweltering hot, what video games are you hibernating with?

Senior Stiv:

This week I’ve been playing the hell out of Borderlands. I want to get as much play time out it as I possibly can before I trade it in for the sequel coming out next month. I’ve been playing through as a berserker and I’ve been making my own strategy guide playing as the siren. Sneaking into a group of enemies during Phasewalk and releasing a Phase Blast is pretty damn satisfying.

Other than my time with Borderlands I’ve been playing Kingdom Rush on my iPhone and defending the kingdom one, increasingly difficult level at a time.

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Mr Port:

This week after smashing out Binary Domain, has been dedicated to some micromanaging RTS, got back into Might & Magic: Heroes 6 and contemplating diving headfirst into the addiction that will be Civilisation 5. Also finishing up Assassins Creed: Brotherhood and Revelations before the Assassins Creed 3 gets here…gotta eye-gouge faster it seems. Probably going to try The Secret World too!

An Illuminati in action

Emma K:

Started playing The Secret World seeing as it is free this weekend. I’ve rolled an Illuminati specializing in pistols but that’s the fun of it, it may be completely different in a weeks time. Well that is assuming I fork out money for it. And at this stage the chances are extremely high. The uniqueness is refreshing in an MMO and the possibilities seem endless!


As is the general trend, after reading Chazz’ review of The Secret World I jumped in. I was super excited to receive Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns on the 3DS for my birthday this week. I’ve always been a fan of the Harvest Moon series and this game looks like it has great potential, yet it took me a good hour before I could start doing any farming. When did Harvest Moon start using an hour of unskipable text based tutorial, I’m sure players can figure out that the ‘A’ button lets me talk to people or read signs on their own.



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