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The Secret World: Free Weekend

The latest MMO to makes its stamp on the gaming universe, The Secret World, is letting players get a taste this weekend, totally gratis! Servers open from August 3rd at 4pm GMT until August 6th at 7am GMT.

Already a month old and receiving rave reviews The Secret World could, dare I say it, be the World of Warcraft toppler. Well probably not, but it sure is worth checking out what all the fuss is during the celebration one month old weekend.

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Only days ago their first ambitious task of releasing one major content update a month went live. The update was called Issue #1.

Players can expect: “…Several new elements to the game, including several new investigation missions…Players will now also be able to use the marketplace, a brand new, cross-dimensional feature allowing players to sell, trade and ship items to other players, no matter what dimension they are playing on.”

And then if you are completely blown away by the title there are various pricing options to pull you in full time. There is the standard one-off purchase for the game, one month free and thereafter a $15 a month subscription. Or for the hardcore MMO player a tempting once off $200 unlimited subscription known as The Grand Master Pack.

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With an abundance to explore I will be taking the phone off the hook, putting a cap on the door knob and doing a big supermarket shop in preparation. And if it sucks me in I may have to take the leap and not have a life for a couple of months.


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The Secret World is currently available from our affiliate GameFanShop for $39.99 Direct Download + One Month Free – any purchases help support Non-Fiction Gaming.




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