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What We’ve Been Playing July 2012

The team here at NFG have made it back in one piece from our holidays and we’re ready to get back into it. Read below for all the gaming related things we got up to while on holidays. Or check out our preferences when it comes to video games on holidays.


Having spent some time overseas my main focus has been on portable gaming. Starting the epic of Final Fantasy III is daunting but from all accounts it is a great game. Any hints on what jobs to use or who is best suited to what is welcome as I feel little lost. This kind of game makes me want to go back and play Chrono Trigger though, anyone else feel like a fifth play through?

Pokémon Conquest has gripped me with Pokémon fever again (at least until Pokemon Black 2 is in English). While I feel the strategy and turn-based fighting isn’t as good as Final Fantasy Tactics, it does have you planning layout and using the environment to get the upper hand. I would like to see the characters that join your army mean a little more, Fire Emblem did this really well; you cared for your troops and their little stories, although they would die if they fell in battle. While that may be a little too dark for Pokémon, it would make things very interesting.

Mr Port:

Been smashing out the freemium games this week, Heroes of Newerth and Tribes: Ascend dominating a lot of my game time. Recently beat Fallout: New Vegas on hardcore mode, and was a little disappointed to find out the massive prize they hint at is just the achievement…that you can already see in the achievements list. Sigh.

Also been charged with new energy for completing several games I stopped playing, notably Xenoblade Chronicles and Heroes of Might and Magic VI.

Senior Stiv:

Ahhhh. It’s nice to be doing this again. This week I’ve been plugging away in Skyrim as an Argonian thief stealing stuff and slitting my enemies throats in as classy a fashion can be done.

Ever since I bought an iPhone I have been making myself quite acquainted with the mobile gaming market. I’ve been battling trolls, hedge knights and the God King in Infinity Blade finally. I’ve been slowly building up my fighter and can’t wait to get my hands on new swords. I’ve also been looking to check out Kingdom Rush and many more relevant games.

Emma K:

Similar to the boys I dusted off my Nintendo DS and had a lot of fun with a game called 999: 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors.  A text-based Japanese story-driven game that thrills to the core, has just reminded me that there actually are still decent DS games around. And when I say decent this was the most thrilling and exciting DS game I have ever played!! Stayed tuned for an Overdue Review.

Also still slogging away at the fourth Professor Layton. But it really is a chore getting through all the puzzles these days; they are very same-y with some small differences. Just not enough differences for me to keep me engaged.




  1. 999 rules, absolutely awesome game. Love how many endings it has and how you are required to play through multiple times to get them, but with completely different paths every time.

    Also Dan, Final Fantasy? Right here.


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