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What We’ve Been Playing Post E3 June 2012

As the NFG staff recover from our E3 hangovers we are left to our own devices of playing a little catch up. Skyrim is mentioned along with some Humble Indie Bundle classics and many mobile applications. We now wait patiently as all the hype surrounding the newly announced games come to a store near us. Well metaphorically speaking these days it seems.


Apart from the mandatory Diablo III, everything this week has been Humble, Indie and Bundled.

Fast-paced running, jumping and sliding as a square of red meat leaving behind trails of blood where you land. Super Meat Boy is simple enough but I can feel the difficulty sliding up gradually, it will be interesting to see at what point I will flip my desk in a rage. I love seeing all my failed attempts at the same time, this is a great mechanic and heightens the feeling of accomplishment when you get through a particularly hard level.

On the opposite end of the scale I’m being kept on edge by Limbo. Having to keep tense and ready in case at any moment that shadow is actually a spider or perhaps just a tree. I find the invisible checkpoints are just rightly spaced so you aren’t needing to go over the same part over again. It’s fun to be playing with a mate in the room taking turns, as we yell out advice and the occasional, “Oh shit! Oh shit!” as the world comes alive to destroy us.

So many games so little time!

Senior Stiv:

I finally traveled back to Skyrim this week to celebrate the upcoming Dawnguard DLC. I’ve created one ruthless orc berserker and decided to two-handed with my weaponry, planting my battle axe into a few bandit heads. Also, I have no intention of getting involved with the story. I’ve decided to just wander country side aimlessly and explore dungeons at my leisure. You know, really get to understand Skyrim.

Also, should I have time this weekend between Father’s Day family activities I also plan on continuing with my other berserker (it’s so much fun to rage) in Borderlands. September isn’t very far off, so I’m going to get myself ready to travel and loot my way through the wasteland again. Oh, and finally experiencing Bastion, too. Seriously, thanks for the game key Daniel. It’s been a blast to play.

Bastion. Arguably just as good an accompanying soundtrack as game.

Mr Port:

This week has been about a little bit of the FPS nostalgia as my trigger finger got that itch again, so it was back into the insane shenanigans of Bulletstorm to have some fun with some over-the-top ludicrous killing. Also on the cards was a return to Fallout New Vegas for some hardcore mode. It’s where the game really shines and provides maximum enjoyment

Emma K:

I’ve had a fairly lack lustre week when it’s come to video games. Being on the go a lot so still getting through all the mobile apps that I discovered at the recent iOS conference. Trainyard is hogging most of my attention as the small tantalizing puzzles have me wanting the train I’m on to not reach its destination.

I’m a little upset I haven’t being able to put in as much time into Diablo III. Especially as all my friends are now nearing the level cap leaving me to play single player mode most of the time.

Trainyard, one of the many app’s keeping Emma occupied.

Matty D:

Seeing as I remain firmly in the pocket of unemployment I have been making do with the endless replaying of older titles. My latest rehashing has been that of Warhammer 40k, specifically the Dark Crusade expansion. Released roughly the same time as the discovery of fire, the story line is barely existent and the game play tends to become repetitive, yet, I find few things more appealing than spreading the word of Chaos to the desolated populous of Kronus. I do hear the voices too. Warhammer players will understand.

Along with this I’ve been hitting the occasional Battlefield 3 server. This is partly due to it being a, relatively fun, online first-person shooter experience but mostly due to it building on my anger and hatred for my fellow man which is later taken out on the small and fragile in the real world. On an unrelated note, I am no longer welcome to attend the annual nativity play at my younger brothers’ primary school. They are jealous of my power.

Hmm… The voice of Slaanesh tells me to add more genital references into my articles

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