Sheriff Dan – Content Manager

Dan brings the booming voice and sense of adventure. Striking heroic poses during meetings to try and instill a feeling of awe in his colleagues. Daniel spends the majority of his gaming time split between Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS and PC. If it wasn’t for Morrowind being bundled into a free package years ago Daniel may not have become the Dovahkiin that he is today.

Twitter: @nfgDan

Serena C – Editor In Chief

It isn’t easy correcting spelling for crayon on the walls or translating words from tape recordings of ramblings that make up drafts at Non-Fiction Gaming. Serena delivers grammar and corrections like an Iaido master, stillness one moment and a flurry of red across your vision the next.

Twitter: @serenacutter

Emma K  – Senior Writer

Being the closest thing to an expert on technology and Internet systems, any questions aimed at Emma regarding networks or information technology are met with resounding silence and a blank stare before wandering off. Emma enjoys everything to do with Professor Layton and indulges her inner child with all games from Lego.

Twitter: @kwate7

Senior Stiv – Senior Writer

 Senior Stiv has been making himself an expert with reviews. Whether it’s lauding an awesome title or ruthlessly tearing it apart he’ll be offering his honest thoughts on any game be it past or present. A lover of RPG’s, particularly on his Xbox 360 he explores every corner of a game world even if it is utterly pointless. But who cares? You always find the best loot that way.

Twitter: @stivostiv1

Tunesmith – Editor

Blueonblue – Staff Writer

Whether brandishing a lightsaber or iOS gaming endlessly on train trips, Blue likes to do things differently. His is a unique style focused on the feel and music behind gaming. When Blue gets psyched up, the feeling is infectious and spreads to the rest of the team like a T-Virus..

Twitter: @BlueonblueSz

Port (The Manbeast) – Staff Writer

If you are angry about some obscure corner of gaming there aren’t many people who can say exactly what you were thinking and unable to articulate. Port brings just the right number of dong jokes to keep things light hearted, but through each full stop headbutted into the page you can feel the flared nostrils of bile and metal.

In games I play the carrot is poison and the stick shoots electricity.

Twitter: @Portastrophe

Chazz – Staff Writer

The kind of gamer that will be happy to take on your team single handed with nothing but a knife then tea-bag each corpse in turn. Chazz will aggravate team members and enemies alike with uninterrupted banter. Underneath this Devil May Care attitude, Chazz really just doesn’t care what you think.

Twitter: @Chazz_NFG

Inner – eSports Writer

The words come slow but the clicks come fast from Inner our resident eSports luminary. From the Global Starcraft II League (GSL) to Major League Gaming (MLG) and everything in between, Inner has his pulse on the latest competitive insights.


Matt D – Staff Writer

Roving reporter Matthew Von Dee hails from the heart of District 9. Using skills attained from a lifetime of living with aliens, Matty D can infiltrate any Video Game event with ease. A master of a thousand games with more than a thousand and one disguises.

Matt D

The power of infilitration is a science