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The Good God Botherer – D&D 5E Cleric Optimisation Guide

Cleric Charop 5E
Updated: 16th May 2019 Don't take this Cleric guide on faith alone. 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons has different play styles for everybody. Below we've put together a guide taking into account the schisms of beliefs. We also link to a full list of other great character optimisation guides for D&D. Contents Introduction Stats Races Class Features Cleric Sub-classes - Divine Domains Arcana Domain Death Domain Forge Domain Grave Domain Knowledge Domain Life...

Foundry VTT Guide – Setting up Maps and Scenes for Campaign Prep

FoundryVTT Create New Scene
This Foundry guide explains how to get started loading up a map with custom assets and tokens on a fresh install of the Foundry virtual tabletop.

Not All Who Wander are Lost: A Ranger’s Guide from EvilAnagram

Reposted from the Giant In the Playground Forum in an effort to not lose this classic from EvilAnagram Not All Who Wander are Lost A Ranger's Guide Image Copyright WotC "All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost." -J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's Aragorn and the Rangers of the North, the Ranger first appeared as...

On a Mission from God – D&D 5E Paladin Optimisation Guide

This 5E Paladin optimisation guide covers the latest fighting styles, Oaths and subclasses from the Players Handbook to Xanathar's Guide to Everything. A Paladin swears to uphold their Oath, their force of will on doing what is 'right' pushes them to strive forward. What makes a Paladin has changed over editions and below you’ll find several flavours your Oath-bound warrior can...

Multi-Level-Magic Scheme – The Ultimate 5E Warlock Guide

Best summoning warlock
DnD 5e - The Warlock Optimisation Guide Don’t take this Warlock guide based on what our Charismatic leader says. Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition has different play styles for everybody. Below, we’ve put together a guide considering optimal ways to play with otherworldly power. We also link to a full list of other great character optimisation guides for D&D. Contents Introduction Stats Races Class Features Warlock Sub...

Animated D&D show ‘Critical Role’ Raises $5 Million and Counting…

In just a few hours the Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special has smashed through its Kickstarter goal of $1 Million AUD (~$750,000 USD) and is sitting at $5.4 Million AUD (~$3.8 Million USD ) at the time of writing. Critical Role is a weekly live-streamed Dungeons & Dragons game featuring a group of...

Last Minute Dungeons & Dragons Gift Ideas for Critmas

Dungeons & Dragons is a great hobby to buy gifts for. Often there are things the D&D fan in your life wants, but can't quite bring themselves to buy for themselves. If you have a Dungeons and Dragons fan in your life, and you’re looking for the perfect gift idea, you’ve come to the right place. The hard part will be...

How This “Lazy, Actor” DM Runs SKILL CHALLENGES in 5E

DND Party Doing a Skill Challenge
...So a proper article would begin with an overview of the original Skill Challenge (a mechanic introduced in 4E), maybe talk about some popular variations (ref. Matt Coville:)...but they’re only paying me for 1,500 words! What is a Skill Challenge? When your PCs have a goal that they should be able to accomplish without combat, they can instead work as a...

Can I Get An Encore: Do You Want More – D&D 5E Bard Optimisation Guide

This Bard guide is strung together from many musicians across the internet. Taking the best notes and chords from those that came before, the Encore guide below hopes to get that foot tapping into your Bardic future. We also link to a full list of other great character optimisation guides for D&D. Contents IntroductionStatsRacesClass FeaturesBard Colleges - Sub ClassesCollege of GlamourCollege of LoreCollege...

The Official Dungeons & Dragons Acquisitions Incorporated Sourcebook Available in Stores Now

The Acquisitions Inc. Employee Manual handbook as released and now fans can dive head-first into the grind of a corporate ladder right in their very own Dungeons & Dragons game. Wizards of the Coast teamed up with Penny Arcade to produce a sourcebook featuring the most notorious retrieval agency in the Forgotten Realms. Players can attempt to climb the corporate ladder as...