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Where to find the Narrow Passage Guarded by Snake Heads – Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Riddles

Pirates sometimes come together into a crew to find treasure. Join our Non-Fiction Gaming crew for help with more Gold Hoarder riddle guides.

In this quick guide we’ll describe where to find the narrow passage guarded by snake heads on Snake Island in Sea of Thieves – a group of three islands. There aren’t many places to dig on this island, so items of interest stick out here.

While your riddle clues in in Sea of Thieves may have some differences, the main goal of ‘Narrow Passage Guarded by Snake Heads’ should be the same. Here’s the riddle we got:

On Snake ISLAND, intruders beware, a hoard awaits for those that dare

The Narrow passage guarded by snake heads beckons it’s quite a sight, lift flickering flame and all is right

While the riddle asks for the Narrow Passage Guarded by Snake Heads you’re actually looking for two rocks with Snake heads on them.

Narrow Passage Guarded by Snake Heads

We’re at the north western point of the centre island at Snake Island. From there it’s a simple run following the path south east, and you come across two rocks with inward facing snake heads.

The video above will show you the location of the Narrow Passage Guarded by Snake Heads and the Three Skull Warning looking out to south east seas.

Three Skull Warning – Warning Skulls

Walking south east at 1:27 in the video you can see the three skulls on poles in front of a rock with people drawn on. This is the Three Skull Warning from the Gold Hoarder riddle.

After taking the 7 steps north east and digging, the treasure was found, and after dealing with skeletons, a treasure chest was our reward.


Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
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