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Evolve Our Review of the Hunt

Evolve is what many will agree is the mandatory follow up to Turtle Rocks initial masterpieces in the Left 4 Dead series. Evolve brings a vast array of riveting components to the asymmetric shooter series including a vast amount of ambition, however it this ambition that seems to disrupt Evolve countless times.

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It’s not always a good choice to stay and fight.


DeveloperTurtle Rock Studios

Publisher2K Games

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC


On the Hunt

Evolve revolves around the vicious planet of Shear in which a group of human scientists are researching a vast number of ravenous brutes. However during this research period a new monstrous creature has been discovered that presents a risk to both the lives of the scientists and their indispensable research.

To counteract this ravenous act of nature, the governments of Earth have determined that they must put a halt to this undisputed king of the monster’s rain of death and destruction, to do this a handful of the galaxy’s most skilled and powerful hunters have been recruited to eliminate the threat that this ravenous horde of monsters posse to the galaxy.

Evolve Birds

A Touch Of Class

Gameplay features numerous asymmetric mechanics and if you choose to enter Shear as a skilled and vicious hunter then you will be able to choose from 4 riveting and unique classes.

The Assault class is obligatory if you want to succeed, as whoever possesses this class accommodates a vast amount of riveting abilities that allow them to vanquish anyone who dares to stand in their way.

Next is the trackers class once again this class posses a serious threat to the monster as they can sense it’s destructive essence and lead their team to it’s location. After locating this monstrosity the trapper has the ability to erect a large force field restriciting the monster to a designated area for a small amount of time.

Support offers a vast variety of different abilities ranging from their destructive aerial attack to their sly harpoon traps that will force the monster to remain stationary, leaving it vulnerable to attack.

Medics are a mandatory part of the formula if the team of hunters aspires to eliminate the monster as they act as the teams only means of revival. However despite the fact that the medic class is centered around healing and revival, it also possesses the ability to tag the monster with a tranquilizer dart momentarily disabling the monster’s abilities as well as allowing the hunters to track it’s every move.

Monster Mash

Despite the fact that the hunters focus on team work and communication, the monster mainly focuses on itself and it’s unfortunate inability to form alliances, except on off occasions in the nest mode where after dedicating a portion of the round to protecting a cluster of eggs, the monster will gain a certain number of loyal minions that will fight alongside you until they draw their last breath.

The hunter’s player choice consists of a total of 12 unique and enticing characters whereas the monster’s accommodate 3 different species alongside a pre-order bonus monster aptly named Behemoth. However for what the monster loses in variety it makes up for in it’s vast array of riveting abilities ranging from a vicious fire that will scorch all who dare stand against it, to the aptly named super nova mode that allows the monster to profusely launch barbed attacks at it’s foes.

To reach the endgame the monster must either kill all hunters, or obliterate the power relay.
To reach the endgame the monster must either kill all hunters, or obliterate the power relay.

A Mode To Call Your Own

The game also offers up a vast array of riveting and intense modes. Regular hunt missions task the hunters with the goal of locating and  promptly eliminating the singular player controlled monster.

Nest missions however pit the hunters against a numerous variety of monster eggs that lay strewn across the map, whilst the hunters locate the eggs the monster is tasked with protecting them until they reach their maximum level and hatch more ravenous monsters.

Whereas the rescue mode substantially turns the tables, by tasking hunters with the protection of a group of fortunate survivors whilst the monster hunts them down in an attempt to eliminate them. Finally defend sees the hunters attempt to outlast waves on lesser monsters as well as the player controlled monster, whilst group of collonists attempt to escape the treacherous planet Shear.

The monsters dwarf the hunters. so teamwork is obligatory.
The monsters dwarf the hunters. so teamwork is obligatory.

Issues with Evolving DLC

Another large issue that Evolve possesses is it’s very complicated DLC scheme. This has left numerous players wondering if the game will be pay to win, with the first of this DLC being the ravenous Behemoth monster. However after experiencing the sheer variety of hunters and monsters it is highly unlikely that a  new monster is going to turn the tides of this ever lasting war.


Evolve Review

Conclusion – 8.5/10


Evolve is an intense shooter that is bursting at the seams with riveting and intense asymmetric action that is sparsely used in video games in the present day. The game offers up a vast array of rewards to good team players and severely punishments to those who stray from their team.


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