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What Did You Play Over the Holidays?

Did you receive or buy a game over the holidays? Like many others so did I, and these are some of the ones which I’ve been playing.

Many people had their gaming experience ruined over the Christmas period thanks to a group of hackers going by the name Lizard Squad. They took credit for the DDOS attacks on the Xbox Live and PSN servers, which resulted in both services having problems for a number of days. However like any self-respecting gamer would, I carried on playing.

I've Been Playing

Little Big Planet 3

Little Big Planet, a game that I’ve had tremendous fun and frustration with over the past five years has returned with it’s third instalment; LBP3. The game, which is now under the development of Sumo Digital (no longer Media Molecule) is instantly recognisable to fans of the series, whilst also adding many new features such as new characters and new gameplay elements.

In terms of level design and fun Little Big Planet 3 is as good as it’s ever been, however problems downloading costumes and DLC have been an issue for me, one which I hope gets fixed soon.


I've Been Playing


Grand Theft Auto 5

My first GTA experience (I know I’m late to the party), Grand Theft Auto 5 is proving to be one of the most immersive and humorous games that I’ve ever played. The most notable features so far for me have been the incredible voice acting for the story characters and the online experience; creating a life-like or not so life-like street thug and completing missions, races etc. with other players is by far one of the games’ major strengths.

I do, however have two gripes with the game; The long load-in times are understandable but make back to back online missions quite time consuming, and the fact that if you are a higher rank with better gear then you will beat the new guy in the lobby every time, and this can be quite annoying.


Pokemon Y

I decided to treat myself to a Nintendo 3DS over the holidays and bought Pokemon Y with it. I have always been a Pokemon fan but haven’t upgraded my hand-held Nintendo consoles since the age of the Gameboys, so in that regard I was a decade behind, but no more!

Pokemon X and Y logo

The game is clearly modelled on France, and follows the same Pokemon formula that has been around for about 20 years now; start in a village, get your first Pokemon, and beat Gym leaders on your way to Victory Road.

I think that this game will deliver a fun experience as it manages to be completely new, whilst still appealing to my nostalgic love for the original games (a wild Pidgey appeared).

What games have you been playing over the holidays? Comment below!

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