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Alien Isolation’s New DLC ‘Trauma’ is Based on Dr Lingard


Alien Isolation Trauma DLC

The second DLC pack for Alien Isolation is upon us and this time around, ‘Trauma’ is bringing 3 new maps with it.

You will be taking the role of Doctor Lingard a high ranking doctor on Sevastapol that feels like it is her fault that the Xenemorph is now rampaging through the station. Whilst the first Alien: Isolation DLC only came with one map this time around there a three new maps which are Reoperation, Crawl Space, and Overrun.

Alien Isolation Trauma DLC

Creative Assembly the games developers have written  “Wanting to ensure that her research on the creature can never fall into the wrong hands, Lingard sets out to destroy all the data and do as much as she can to help the remaining survivors.”

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