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Flockers Review

Blow up sheep and win.

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Flockers Review Transcript:

Do you want to blow up some sheep and not feel bad about it? Well come on over to Flockers and enjoy a puzzle game that feels like a modern Lemmings with sheep.

Developed by the studio that brought you the “Worms” series, Flockers has the feel of a great independent A to B puzzle game. This game really does feel like an old style platforming puzzle game, herding your flock from point to point while avoiding the plethora of traps, this really takes you back to those Lemmings days.

Flockers wallpaper
Flockers wallpapers included on purchase

Flockers revolves around you herding a flock of sheep through hazards and puzzles, and ultimately to freedom. It shows that the developers over at Team17 had put serious thought into the level design with Portal like thinking involved. The Lemmings-like play style comes from having stock abilities to help the sheep navigate through the platforming puzzle.

The graphical quality of this title is pretty good. The art style throughout the game changes depending on the zone you are playing through, for example, the first few stages incorporate an industrial feel until you escape to the next zone. Texture qualities are the standout here; little things like trees moving or the dust particles in the air make for a good experience when playing for long periods of time.

Flockers platform puzzle game
Flockers platform puzzle game level

The audio in this game is fantastic. The sound design changes throughout the title whether it is a boss fight, special stage or a regular level. Every track is fantastic and makes you think frantically about your choices and the consequences to your sheep!

To top this puzzle sundae off with a cherry, Flockers has implemented a community content section, which consists of a level editor and Steam Workshop access. A level generator with awesome global leader boards which displays worldwide rankings; has really left this game open ended which is great for anyone who enjoys this title.

Flockers platform puzzle game
Flockers platform puzzle game level

With a puzzle game such as Flockers, the gameplay is the most important and it does not disappoint. If you are looking for a throwback into the past or to recreate the Lemmings in the modern era, Flockers is the way to go. The gameplay is solid, the texture quality and sound design are all good but most of all you can blow up sheep and have no guilt, wonderful.



Overall this game is a great time for anyone who once played Lemmings or Worms. Visual and sound design is great for this game, watching the background flow in and flow out made the game visually pleasing but at the same time, aneurysm inducing. Pick Flockers up for a cool $20 through Steam or wait for the sales to blow through.


 Flockers in available on PC (via Steam) or on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (Amazon).

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