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Mario Kart 8 Is Getting Proper DLC

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Mario Kart 8 is Set to Be Getting Updates for a Year After its Release with Two DLC Packs.


At E3, Nintendo promised that there would be updates to Mario Kart 8. The only thing being they were talking in reference to Amiibo. While we have not seen any Amiibo-related news since, Nintendo just announced two new DLC packs for the popular racing game.

These two DLC packs follow the announcement of Mario Kart 8‘s Mercedes update, scheduled for release this week. The Mercedes update brings three new karts to the game. Each of these is inspired by a real life Mercedes-Benz. Players will be able to race using the Mercedes-Benz GLA, the 1950’s 300SL Roadster, and the 1930’s Silver Arrow.While the GLA has special wheel options, all three karts will be fully customisable with existing wheels and gliders.

Also included in the update are some fixes for issues I had when reviewing the game. Notably, the map can be displayed on the TV, not just the Game Pad; and “Next Race”  is the default menu option instead of “Watch Highlight Reel.”

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But the real news here is that two paid DLC packs will be released late this year and mid next year. Both of these packs will add three new characters, four new karts, and eight new tracks.

November sees the first release. The characters included in this pack are Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, and The Legend of Zelda‘s Link. One of the courses is likely to be based on The Legend of Zelda universe. Exactly which Zelda game and which level is, as yet, unclear. Also announced for this pack is that one kart will be the Blue Falcon from the F-Zero franchise.

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Mario Kart‘s second DLC is slated for a May release next year. It brings two characters from Animal Crossing, the Villager and Isabelle, and a return to the series for Dry Bowser. Again, at least one of the courses will likely be set in the Animal Crossing universe. Hopefully Nintendo reveals details soon.

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What we do know, however, is that the new courses will be a mixture of old and new. One of the classic, returning courses is Wario’s Gold Mine from the Wii version of Mario Kart. Whether this will be included in the first or second pack remains a mystery.

Another exciting feature is that anyone who purchases both DLC will receive eight colours for Yoshi and Shy Guy.

Each pack is set to cost $8 with the two-pack bundle costing $12.

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  1. Excellent installment in the series.

    Simply put:

    The graphics are awesome.
    The game is colorful.
    The music is good.
    Easy at first, but you’ll have to suffer to the two stars in all races: yes:
    The redesigned Online: ok:

    Only downside:
    The characters. Putting all the son of Bowser

    This is an excellent game which gave a lot of fun!


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