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Bethesda Reveals Famous Faces Behind The Evil Within

With Alien: Isolation Reuniting the Original Movie Cast, The Evil Within Matches the Stakes with a Slew of TV’s Favourite Actors


Ever since it was announced that Shinji Mikami was making a new horror title, The Evil Within has had immense star power behind it. The legendary director is often heralded as the father of modern survival horror and worked on the Resident Evil franchise. Mikami has taken care of the aspects of The Evil Within that we have already seen. The atmosphere and general aspects of the game are already solid.

the evil within
Dislocated jaws seem to be in-vogue for horror these days


What we have not heard, however, are the voices behind the characters. Bethesda recently announced that each character will be getting their voice from one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. Our two playable characters and antagonist will have their personality’s shaped by the acting talents of Jackie Earle Haley, Anson Mount, and Jennifer Carpenter.

Ruvik, our primary villain, will be voiced by Jackie Earle Haley. Haley recently took on the role of Freddy Krueger in Nightmare on A Elm Street‘s remake and should be accustomed to horror villains. He is also known for roles in the Watchmen and Lincoln.

Anson Mount, who lends his voice to our protagonist Sebastian, is known for his role on TV’s Hell on Wheels. The cast of The Evil Within rounds out with Dexter‘s Jennifer Carpenter in the role of Juli Kidman. Players will be able to play as Kidman in the previously-announced DLC.


the evil within voices


Mikami understands the importance of sound, music, and voice in horror games. Deciding to enlist the help of experienced actors to lend potency to the writing was a decision characteristic of the veteran director. We, as players, need to be able to relate to the characters. Otherwise whatever tragedy that befalls them will leave us, at best, nonplussed.


I know the news about The Evil Within keeps pouring out but each time Bethesda and Tango announce something it just makes the game more and more promising. Check out the actors’ reactions to their roles below.


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With The Evil Within and Alien: Isolation being released, October is shaping up to the month of survival horror.

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