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Dragon Fin Soup Coming To PAX Prime

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Roguelike games have been becoming a big part of the indie gaming scene and Dragon Fin Soup, has been on my radar for quite some time. I first noticed the game when I went to PAX East. I saw the booth decorated with games main protagonist, Red Robin, and found myself very curious as to what the game is about.

While the pre-beta is still in the works there have been plenty of things Grimm Bros. llC has been showing off and a brand new mode they’ll be showing off at PAX Prime this year.

For those of you who don’t know much about Dragon Fin Soup it takes place in a fantasy world on the back of a giant dragon-turtle named Asura. You take the role of Red Robin, whose dark past has come back to haunt her and must traverse Asura’s lands to fight against it. The game has some serious roguelike gameplay, with tough enemies and even tougher bosses and you definitely won’t be getting out alive with each play through. Thus far there are three game modes for players to go through.

The first game mode is its story mode which features Dragon Fin Soup‘s main campaign mode. Along with that is a survival mode in which players can get involved in exploring Asura’s many locales.

Dragon Fin Soups latest mode, Endless Labyrinth, puts you through a gauntlet of challenges to see how far you can make it through the endless maze. Players will be able to go through and set high scores to share with their friends online to see who can last the longest. For those of you who will be attending PAX Prime, Grimm Bros. is offering its first look at the Endless Labyrinth mode, so stop by the booth if you can.

While Dragon Fin Soup’s beta is still a ways off it’s definitely looking to be an exciting roguelike game and worth the time for those of you who are fans of a big challenge.

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