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Where Angels Fear To Tread (Second Part)

Where Angels Fear To Tread – Borderlands 2 Guidewhere angels fear to tread


You’ve done it. You finally have the Vault Key. Speak with Roland to start making plans to take out Handsome Jack. But, just as Roland is wrapping up the plan, Handsome Jack warps behind Roland and shoots him in the back. Just as you’re trying to pull yourself together from this sudden devastating loss, Jack snatches the Vault Key and kidnaps Lilith. Before he can finish you off Lilith transports you back to Sanctuary.

where angels fear to tread[]

You find yourself in room filled with weapon chests. While looting these chests may not help you recover from your recent loss, they will certainly help put that well deserved bullet into Jack’s head. Once you’ve looted the room head towards the exit. Turns out you were in Marcus’s storage room the entire time. He doesn’t need to know you just took everything though.

Mordecai comes over the ECHO informing you to come to the Crimson Raiders home base to start planning Lilith’s rescue. Turn in the quest to Mordecai to get your reward. Time to go kill Jack.

Where Angels Fear To Tread REWARD:

Money: $136

Experience: 531



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