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Aussie Dev Current Circus Launch Beat Booster To Windows Store

Aussie Devs Shake Up The Windows Store With Beat Booster

Beat Booster

Beat Booster is the first motion controlled Kinect game to be converted for PC Play. Current Circus sends you to the lost archipelago world of Bafo for Sonic Jet Racing.

Beat Booster requires no additional hardware or depth camera and will work using the regular web-cam on Windows laptops, desktops and tablets. Players control the Sonic Jet Racer by moving their arms and bodies to steer.

Beat Booster

The races in Beat booster are spread across multiple locations; from volcanoes to canyons, tropical forests to dark caves.

Beat Booster is a racing game where you need to move and flail around to control your ride! Players are launched into an adrenaline-pumping aerial course filled with obstacles and challenges – while straddling a 1500lb jet engine!

Current Circus have partnered with XTR to revolutionise the way we race in this game. Introducing full-body motion gestures as a way to manoeuvre your jet ride around the fast-paced tracks, dodging obstacles and collecting the much-needed energy to boost ahead of the pack. Collect energy to engage sonic weapons and fend off those dastardly opponents!


Beat Booster

• An innovative way to play a classic racing genre, using a standard web-camera and XTR’s Extreme

• Motion skeleton tracking technology.

• Offering 6 locations with 15 exciting tracks.

• Original music that reacts and changes depending on your game play experience.

Beat Booster is currently available on Windows devices through the Windows Store. Current Circus and other Aussie Indie Devs were well represented at Pax Australia this year.

Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
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